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    Indy Ski Pass

    Picked up two Indy's on the 31st. Normally I'd be a little annoyed by the added fees but this thing is still so inexpensive I really didn't care. I know I will get more than my money's worth, which is difficult to say about a lot of things these days.
  2. K

    Hickory Ski Center: Back From The Dead?

    With the larger Gore and West close by, I think Hickory will have their hands full. Spent some time in that area last season. Stopped by Royal which despite being a cool little mountain was not overly busy. Stopped by Maple Ski Ridge which had more employees working than there were customers...
  3. K

    Help me decide where to go in 2022

    At this point in my life I've skied almost everywhere in the Northeast. Not sure if that's good or bad but anyway with the circumstances you describe Killington would be an excellent choice. Get lodging with a kitchen (book now or very soon). Rutland is close by and has full size supermarkets...
  4. K

    Indy Ski Pass

    I've had this pass for the last two years but have been on the fence for this coming season. Any guesses on NY? If its Platty I'm in. PA? Montage or Elk would be great but I'll guess Montage. They were the focus of a Storm Skiing Podcast which I thought was terrific. Either way its another score...
  5. K

    Ski Denton PA coming back from the dead?

    Never been there but it looks like the State of PA is willing to pony up $10mill and partner with anyone willing to run the former Ski Denton hill which apparently has been NELSAP'd since 2014. New lifts, base area, night skiing, etc. Place doesn't look bad from the trail map but if I'm heading...
  6. K

    Indy Ski Pass

    Kind of puzzled by the one in Iowa but I guess it adds to their midwest roster. Sundown Mountain Iowa: 475 vertical feet, ugh. I guess when you are in Iowa you take what you can get.
  7. K

    Indy Ski Pass

    Thanks Harvey! Was really hoping for a Plattekill or another NE resort but that's great news for the people in those locations. Indy Pass is still one of the best deals in town. Just have to see how it fits into my winter when I start rough planning for it 4th of July weekend over some ice cold...
  8. K

    Indy Ski Pass

    A couple of days ago they put on their Instagram that two new resorts were going to be added this week. Anyone have any intel on this? I haven't pulled the trigger on this yet although I did get an Epic pass. If the two new ones are some places in the Midwest or some places in the Rockies that I...
  9. K

    Heartiage club looking for employss

    Yeah I think the owners of BE/Catamount are being used as advisors. So, the former Plymouth Notch private ski area on Rte 100 once reached out to me through FB and asked if I wanted a free day pass. I figured they just wanted to get me there so they could try to sell me one of their ridiculously...
  10. K

    Killllington 🎿🏂🏂🎿🎿🏂🏂🎿😀

    Some "experts" early on also told him Superstar was too steep to hold snow and he was wasting his time cutting a trail there. See how that worked out.
  11. K

    Farr's Hill to Offer Lift-Serviced Skiing

    Kind a cool to see something reopen after being NELSAP'ed for over half a century. There's a bunch of these around now. I always wondered how they work out with the cost of insurance, utilities, etc. I know most of the labor is volunteer. One day I'll hit Ascutney for a few runs and show my support.
  12. K

    mountain creek vs. blue mt. vs. camelback vs. shawnee

    You may be onto something there Abe. I skied there in January and the place was jamming. I tag teamed it with a trip to Elk (my favorite place in PA btw). I also turned a few Mountain Creek regulars into Blue fans after they asked me for trip advice. Blue is day trip-able from LI, NJ, NYC but if...
  13. K

    Killington Daily

    Yeah used to check Kzone all the when I still had my place up there. Interesting crowd and some of the threads can get real nasty.
  14. K

    Killllington 🎿🏂🏂🎿🎿🏂🏂🎿😀

    I think its more of fixing it up for the breaks and water holes that happen in the usual late season spots. Just looked at the webcam and they will have work to do for Friday's opening. Don't like groomed trails? Give it a few hours, it should be good and bumped by lunchtime.
  15. K

    mountain creek vs. blue mt. vs. camelback vs. shawnee

    Not sure if this will show up on an Ikon thread or not but it looks like Blue Mtn PA is going with Alterra according to the Storm Skiing Journal: "KSL Resorts, which began managing Pennsylvania’s Camelback ski area two years ago, will take over operations at nearby Blue Mountain ski area. The...
  16. K

    Vermont Skier Visits Down Significantly Due to COVID-19

    No surprise there. I picked up a NYSki3 pass for the first time ever this year. I imagine quite a few other people did too. Glad I did because Whiteface was my favorite trip this year with Gore a very close second.
  17. K

    Indy Ski Pass

    Yeah, I've heard Doug Fish say that a few times already in the last two years. They always add if the right place comes along.
  18. K

    Indy Ski Pass

    The blackouts are definitely a negative but I'll still pick it up for Magic, Bolton, Jay, Cannon and Berkshire East and work around it.. The others I really don't have much interest in visiting. Also holding out hope that somehow Platty winds up on this but I don't think the chances are good. I...
  19. K

    Indy Ski Pass

    Yeah, you really have to watch the black outs when planning for this year. Way more restrictions than last year. With the $25 discount coupon its still a good deal.
  20. K

    Indy Ski Pass

    I already suspected West because they mentioned it on the podcast with Storm Skiing last week. Powder is a big score. Another thing to consider is that the Indy Pass tends to add more places as the fall approaches. I don't think this will be the final line-up for 21/22.