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    EPIC 2021-2022 Announcement =Pass cost cut 20%

    LEAKED: Epic Pass Price Cut by 20% The Denver Post had a story queued up on embargo this morning when Vail decided to delay their announcement by one day due to the tragic mass shooting in their community. This story was cached by Google, and while the full cache has been removed, Google still...
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    Europe 2022 ?

    Any idea what is in store if we wanted to ski in Europe in 2022? Vaccine required, Negative test, will the cost be more or less than usual,quarantine when we return to the US, quarantine in Europe? I really want to explore Europe so more. The experience is so different and there are just so...
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    Hunter is making snow - 11/17/20

    Upper guns are on !!
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    NY Ski Resorts allowed to open at 50 % indoor capacity & other misc info

    https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-cuomo-announces-ski-resorts-allowed-reopen-50-percent-indoor-capacity-beginning I have a lot of questions about the how & why's of course.......
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    Ski Area Management Magazine Articles about 2021 season

    https://www.saminfo.com/the-magazine/this-issue/item/165157-can-t-touch-this https://www.saminfo.com/page/9592-top-3-sales-fulfillment-considerations-for-our-new-reality
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    Hunter - Pres Weekend

    This is not my review (although I can vouch that it is accurate as this guys posts always are) President's Weekend 2020, Day 2 update: What would be an improvement on yesterday's conditions? You guessed it , flat light and a lack of new blown snow. Admittedly , the first two burners we took...
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    Big Snow - Reserve your tickets now Lindsay Vonn will be there opening day.

    Not sure the time she will be there, but there is a press event and ribbon cutting........open to the public about 3pm.... Big Snow American Dream – North America’s first real-snow, year-round, indoor ski and snowboard center. Big Snow American Dream – North America’s first real-snow...
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    3rd Death at Hunter this season on Hunter North (ignore it Funky)

    I won't tell you the new name going around for this terrain.........but you can just imagine....... https://oldies935.iheart.com/featured/bill-williams/content/2019-03-11-third-skier-dies-at-hunter-mountain-this-year/
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    Family of former skier questions Hunter's safety

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    Blue Boy has pass pulled at Hunter!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes!!! For poaching , but being an AH for sure. Heard he was told to check back in a week to see if it is pulled for good. Which means "give us a week to have our lawyer pull the reject notice together" There is no way they will give him it back. Everyone complains about him, ski patrol has...
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    Blue Boy Photo

    He is the one in Blue. https://www.facebook.com/huntermtn/photos/pcb.10156750964505903/10156750962305903/?type=3&theater Let the thread begin!!!!!!!!
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    Blue Boy Update

    Broken let - Saturday. Icy Icy Icy conditions......
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    Hunter reality show Winter Break to air in Feb on MTV

    http://www.mtv.com/news/3030914/winter-break-hunter-mountain-first-look/ This should be a real ss. I remember them filming this last year. They sat at a table in the bar for hours and looked bored out of their minds. Then on the last days of the season with beautiful weather and hundreds of...
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    Ticket Sale Limit - how many is too many for a Hunter Mtn Size mountain ???????

    So - it was broadcast that on Saturday (January 20th) Hunter sold 6,000 etickets for the day. Then about 2,000 tickets at the window, not to mention the buses that showed up and the passholders and folks that bought tickets at places like Costco, Potter Bros., ski clubs etc..... I can't begin...
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    Hunter vs Windham Bus Trip Article in Powder Mag

    https://www.powder.com/latitudes/to-be-a-skier-in-new-york-city-have-your-bus-ticket-to-ride/?wc_mid=4036:9601&wc_rid=4036:24201076&_wcsid=AEDC8C8197569E655B6E9540F595CCA1B902B9CCC6764A74 Interesting, Hope Hunta Mgt reads this.
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    Why the MTA sent $5 million to Upstate SKi Resorts

    http://gothamist.com/2017/07/10/mta_tips_down_k_val.php Interesting............
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    Hunter Mtn Expansion Details

    The Slutzky family had a plan - and Peak/SKI is using it in part including thr new lift and parking area near the current west side lift on Rusk Hollow Rd a seldom traveled dead end road with mostly seasonal homes. Intermediate trails will be cut to the base of the new lift most from the...
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    skier-dies-in-accident-at-hunter today !!

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    Misleading Info / photo's by Resorts Hunter in particulare

    I expect resorts to stretch things a bit - but I am getting really irratinted by this. I met a friend at Hunter today, who came up due to the great photos Hunter was posting on facebook. I agreed to meet him, although I was sceptical that it would be as great as they were advertising. I do...
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    death on Annapurna @ Hunter today

    Ed http://www.dailyfreeman.com/general-news/20170208/skiing-accident-at-hunter-mountain-claims-life-of-orange-county-man http://cbs6albany.com/news/local/state-police-investigate-death-at-hunter-mt