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    Greek peak ?

    A few guys I know are heading up for the day and asked me to go. Should snow a little too. Any lift ticket deals or trail recommendations.?
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    Quebec eastern township areas intel?

    Thinking of taking the family on a president's week trip to check out Owls head, Mont Sutton and Mont Orford. trying to get off the beaten path and not spend a ton of money. who has been to these areas and any advice? My daughters are solid intermediates who are really starting to enjoy the...
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    Platty 3/1/2019

    Well the 20" snow report seemed like bs driving in as fields were bare but should have known plattekill isn't that kinda hill. Super light snow that got a little more dense as the day went on. This helped the "hold up" factor and made the trees ski way better after a little sun. Found some...
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    Anyone here been to Brianhead Utah ?

    I have a Business trip to Vegas coming up and want to ski somewhere out west while I'm out there. Not feeling the 8 hour drive to Tahoe or Salt Lake. Brian head is only 3 hours but looks kind of flat .The small mountain vibe is always cool but I need to have some pitch as well. Arizona snobowl...
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    Leg Recovery?

    What are you guys doing for leg recovery after hard long days on the hill? I am sore as hell after a good day in the woods .multiple days are getting hard to enjoy as i get older.any tips ?
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    goggles for flat light

    having a real issue this season seeing in the flat light .what have you guys found you like? smith yellow?blue sensor works ok but looking for options,and I'm cheap,LOL.
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    Sandpoint Idaho, any one been?

    Lookin to take a trip to some where off the beaten path. Anyone got the Intel on schweitzer and silver?
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    Jay this weekend

    Rolling in for a much needed long weekend tonight, I know that it will be crowded . Was wondering if I should think about using the reciprocity of the ticket with burke one day .thoughts? Never been there ,is it worth the drive over?
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    cheap lodging at Jay?

    Ending a tour of VT on monday and going to need a spot to stay near Jay.Used to stay at the snowshoe in montgomery center. Still a decent place?Any thing else cheap and ok?