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  1. ss20


    I am almost certain that is correct. Tomorrow's weather looks much better!
  2. ss20

    Y'all are lucky

    Do you mean Sunnyside...that's all I could find on social media? And yeah I've been totally keyed out. Like I said, I'm waiting on a car....which is waiting on the bank account. I guess it's been a while since I opened a new bank account....10 days of holding funds is now standard??? So with...
  3. ss20


    Vail properties are generally great to visit. It's when you only ski one or two Vail mountains a season in the entire portfolio for 50+ days a season you see the flaws, or if you've been a passholder forever.
  4. ss20

    Y'all are lucky

    Kinda loving being here 6 days and every day it's been 50 degrees and sunshine. Can't wait to wake up tomorrow and watch the Killington World Cup with spectators standing in temps in the teens, 30mph winds, and overcast. I'm still looking for a vehicle so I won't be able to ski until late...
  5. ss20

    Mt Snow 21-22 Season

    I too found this news surprising as Mount Snow has been exclusively Poma the past 30 years. There's no Dopp office in the NE like Poma, correct?
  6. ss20

    Y'all are lucky

    The forecast for ski country in the NE looks BEAUTFIFUL. I'm here in Utah salivating over it. Big storms, little storms, and consistent cold as far as the models show. Super jealous. Wish I could go to Killington right now with 12"+ coming today and more next week. Probably get some natural...
  7. ss20

    Woodbury, CT ski area to open again?

    I too started at Woodbury. Despite that I never ever heard of anyone going there to ski. The tubing most people in this area did try...and for most people it was one and done. Incredibly fun but super sketchy. Rather than it being a straight run like literally every tubing operation I've...
  8. ss20

    Woodbury, CT ski area to open again?

    Woodbury needs a lot of work. It's too small (even by CT standards) and too remote, in my opinion. It was really Rod's pet project. It also had a horrible reputation as being totally unsafe. Doubt we see it return.
  9. ss20

    Berkshire East & Catamount: 3 New Lifts, Terrain Expansions

    Holy crap he's not kidding...I just went on their instagram.... https://www.instagram.com/p/CVbFrskpN_H/ Good God it's literally a quarter of the mountain.
  10. ss20

    Be greatful!

    I only "know" them through the internet on KZ and AZ but the posters of that family are nothing but first class. Utmost respect and it is certainly a shame.
  11. ss20

    ss20 Takes on Utah

    Last December 1 I skied Alta for the first time. Conditions were the worst the locals had seen. Low snowpack, hard snow, exposed rocks, etc. I think they had 60" so far and it hadn't snowed more than a couple inches in a week or more. I skied 9:15 (opening bell at Alta) to 4:30 having the...
  12. ss20

    ss20 Takes on Utah

    For anyone interested who didn't see my post this summer....this is what I'm doing this winter...https://forums.alpinezone.com/threads/some-good-personal-news.143385/ I haven't posted much the past two weeks...been driving cross country. Finally rolled into SLC on Sunday. My gear is in my...
  13. ss20

    Forget Snow: Alta is for $$$$$

    hence I put "theoretically".... Regardless, long-term the plan is to transition from paid parking to tolling LCC road itself once there is some type of mass transit option available (gondola or bus). Six in one half a dozen in the other...
  14. ss20

    Forget Snow: Alta is for $$$$$

    Leaving Sunday! I'll probably make my own season-long thread in the trip report forum rather than pollute the board up here, lol.
  15. ss20

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Sb needs all the help they can get with time. They open trails so slowly. Being two weeks behind where they want to be with making snow is a bad start.
  16. ss20

    RIP Bra Tree (Smuggs)

    Very funny! I was expecting a corporate response about trying to be more PC or environmentally friendly. I'm worried for this thread...for whatever reasons bra/bead trees were AZ's hot topic issue before covid took that over. I'll get the flame war started.... did the unvaccinated bras from...
  17. ss20

    Forget Snow: Alta is for $$$$$

    For me, Alta/Utah as a whole were still the best option from a financial standpoint. I was willing to sacrifice crowding (on what is still a minority of days) for cheaper cost of living and having 9 ski resorts within 90 minutes of my house (and pretty much every major ski region in the US...
  18. ss20

    Forget Snow: Alta is for $$$$$

    I heard some jackass is going to be driving a penske truck up there just to move his ski stuff into a locker in the coming weeks... what a shmuck ;)
  19. ss20

    Any patrollers here?

    I'm not a patroller... but the process is a ton of work. I'd have a fallback ready like Ambassador if you have any doubts about doing it. Of course I hope you do become a patroller. As a ski instructor I had to help load a teen onto a backboard bc patrol was so short staffed. I never want...
  20. ss20

    Day tickets going through the roof in Vermont

    5 years ago you could find a ski club ticket at a big mountain VT/NH/ME resort for $50-$60 a day...no pre-purchase required. The olden years lol. I distinctly remember Mount Snow would give you the group rate price just by showing your club membership card...it was something like $45 midweek...