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    Lincoln Area Ski Tuning

    New to the area and I am looking to get some new skis worked on as well as getting my skis tuned regularly. What shop or shops does the best tunes in the area Thanks
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    White Mountain Super Pass

    I just rented a condo for the season for my family and I for the winter in woodstock, NH. Debating what pass to get this season as bretton woods isnt doing the junior pass program anymore. Does anyone have the white mountain super pass? Worth the extra money for the variety? I havent skied...
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    Bretton Woods Instructor help

    My family and I ski at Bretton Woods and I have come to a cross roads in teaching my son. I feel that he can benefit from a lesson but I see such a diverse pool of instructors at Bretton Woods that I want to make sure my money isn't wasted. Has anyone had any positive experiences at Bretton...
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    Blue Hill Boston Kids Program

    Good morning, I have a four year old that I want to get into skiing. He has expressed interest and being that we live on cape cod access to snow is limited. I was looking at blue hills in boston since its only 1hr 20 mib drive for us. I noticed they have a midweek kids program with group...
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    North Conway Restaurants

    My family and I are going up to north conway for a midweek stay at the end of January. We are going to ski Bretton Woods two days and Cranmore one. My question is are there any restaurants for dinner and happy hour that you can recommend? I would rather have some information then try to play...