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  1. thebigo

    1 km vertical drio

    Why is America clinging to feet, pounds and miles?
  2. thebigo


    A place to talk about the ways that vail sucks. I will start: Vail’s epic waiting room now indicates an opening day of December 11 for wildcat, with opening days further into December for the other three mountains owned in NH. This despite areas as far south as the Carolinas operating since...
  3. thebigo

    Seasonal Rental

    What approaches are people using to find seasonal rentals? Website or realtor? Which website? We were planning to buy in Bartlett this summer but the market is so damn overheated we are going to wait a year. I suspect the rental market is similar but figured I would give it a look.
  4. thebigo

    Mt washington snow fields 06.12.20

    Gorgeous day today on the rock pile, made all the better by the fact that it was my 7 yr old daughters first time skiing on washington. I am going to guess around 700 vertical but it may have been less. Conditions were spectacular, get out there this weekend if looking for one more day. Good to...
  5. thebigo

    MWV realtor

    Can anyone recommend a realtor in the MWV? Looking for someone low key with a lengthy history in the area.
  6. thebigo

    Cyclone rake

    Does anyone own one? Thinking about sending some of my trump bucks to a new england company. Have a massively leafy property, roughly one acre surrounded by endless dense hardwoods on all sides. Reviews/experienced appreciated.
  7. thebigo

    Newmarket NH

    Best I can conclude edd and DHS live there - what are the best places to eat? We live a bit up the road but grow tired of exeter and epping, what's the deal in newmarket?
  8. thebigo


    Your best plan to be hiccups?
  9. thebigo

    Your best run this year.

    No politics, no virus - just your best run this year. I struggled but it was likely nh primary day at the cat. My wife joined my daughter and I, a rare occurrence. We spent the morning on a combination of lynx, polecat and catapult. Then Heather served us a great lunch before the old lady...
  10. thebigo

    Gear deals

    Bunch of gear deals now. Been looking for a pair of ski pants with integrated suspenders and no bib. Vertika has everything 50% off but not exactly what I'm looking for. Picked up some smith mag googles at rei in feb; been looking for a pair for my daughter, steep and cheap offering 40% off...
  11. thebigo

    Bos - den

    Starting to plan trip for next spring. Best I can determine JetBlue, frontier, united and southwest all fly direct. What experiences have people had? Frontier is cheap and there is some kids fly free gimmick but I get the feeling they wil killl you on bags and booze. Southwest let's you check...
  12. thebigo

    I need a summer hobby.

    Other than grilling and drinking that is. Looking for a bike recommendation and I know nothing about bikes. Goal is to start riding near home on a combination of poorly paved roads, dirt roads, abandoned roads and mellow trails. Pawtuckaway and possibly Bear Brook will be the extent of the...
  13. thebigo

    Burlington Recommendations

    Wife and I are planning to spend a long weekend in June. It will just be us, miraculously tricked one of the grandparents to fly in and watch the kids for the weekend. We were thinking Portsmouth but want to be far enough away that we won’t drive home if one of the kids gets sick or lights the...
  14. thebigo

    Mt Snow - Family Vacation

    We have done a week in March at Attitash the last few years. Thinking of changing it up for a few reasons: we will likely be driving from Crotched plus I hate Attitash. Probably rent a condo in the seasons complex, would prefer the grand but it is outrageously overpriced. Problem is convincing...
  15. thebigo

    Roof rack

    Family has expanded to the point that the skis no longer fit in the car. Ideal setup would carry four pairs of skis in the winter and suitcases of the girl's crap in the summer. Not sure if a modular system exists. The dealer locator on the Thule website is nonfunctional. Can anyone recommend...
  16. thebigo

    Attitash - Peaks Customer Service

    Wanted to let people know how Attitash, and one would assume Peaks, is treating their customers. My wife purchased a Ranger pass at Attitash in the spring. At the time we were trying to get pregnant but for a number of medical reasons, which I would rather not discuss in a public forum, it was...
  17. thebigo

    Granite Pass

    Anyone know when the Granite pass typically goes on sale? Has Peaks offered the buy early and ski the remainder of this year free perk in the past? Despite my best attempts to go anywhere else, I have been vetoed by the rest of the family and we will be spending a week in March at Attitash...
  18. thebigo

    Eastern Townships

    Currently booking our annual family ski vacation. Do not know much about the resorts in the Eastern Townships but wanted to investigate due to the exchange rate. We are looking for decent skiing, a slope side hotel with kitchenettes in the room, a pool preferably heated outdoor, breakfast at...
  19. thebigo

    sunday river 10.18.09

    We got a little nervous as it started to rain during the drive north but arrived at sr around 10:00 and failed to see any further precipitation until grey on the drive home. The day was overcast but no crowds and the conditions were better than could be expected for the middle of october. Upper...
  20. thebigo

    Cannon base area construction

    Stopped by cannon yesterday, peabody side. Suprised to see multiple pieces of equipment being operated on a saturday; also the old rental shop door has been removed. The deck has been removed between the base lodges along with the siding. The deck in front of the lodge has been removed and the...