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    Christmas Day

    Any chance this rain on 12/25 is snow at Belleayre? Bought tickets to ski christmas day earlier in the week when it was going to be light snow.
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    Damage report thread

    How'd the mountains fare in this snow/ice event? Sounds like N.VT might be getting all snow? Gonna be 44F in the cats this PM per the forecast. That doesn't sound good. Chance for recovery snow Thursday though. Was a damn good run of cold and snow since the first of the year, so I guess it...
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    Storm Feb 1-2?

    Could be a multi-day storm Monday-Tuesday. Sick day Wednesday?
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    Weekend storm thread....

    How we feeling? Forecasts all over the place. 8" S.Vt at elevation? 14" N/VT 8" cats? We believing this? Seems like something of a nail biter with rain in the valleys. I'm skiing Platty Sunday, and hiking in the cats Saturday, so curious to see what happens!
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    Belleayre Ticket System?

    Anyone try the Belleayre online ticket system? We have passes, but I was curious to see if they are sold out for this weekend - they claim to be limiting capacity. but when trying to check dates, the site does not seem to be functioning. Can't click on any date to reserve. Anyone else try?
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    Cathedral Glen expanded?

    I hiked up the cathedral glen trail at Belleayre last weekend and it seemed to me they extended it a pitch two longer and put in a formal hike out trail, where as you used to either ski out, or take another pitch and bushwhack out.... Am I just remembering things wrong, or was there an...
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    Snowshoeing at Catskill ski areas?

    Anyone know the uphill/snowshoe policy for Bell or Platty or Hunter? Can you cruise up the slopes? Designated trails? might have a snow shoe-er with me this weekend.
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    Help me geek out on a new set of skis...

    So, after breaking my bushwhackers, I replaced them with Blizzard Ruster 9s. And I like them fine. Seem a little still in the bumps, and I for groomers, I probably should have got them 188 instead of 180. Don't quite rail long turns the way I though they would, but whatever....they are super...
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    WST: 4/20-21...This is the End???

    What's happening this weekend? Rain seems to be pushing for this season to end....will it? MRG opening Wednesday, and maybe this weekend. Stowe closing this weekend I think, though there is piles of snow up there. Who else is open? Who else is skiing? Sounds like the west is still...
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    WST: 3/30-31 The end is near? Or is it just the beginning?

    Well, that was a fun weekending. From the Catskills to N.vt, sounds like everyone got the goods. Killer day at Belleayre for me Saturday. But what does next weekend hold? Forecasts for the Cats aren't great. What about N.Vt? There is certainly good base up there - will this weekend be the...
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    WST: 3/16-17.....Mid-March Madness....

    OK - what's happening this weekend? I haven't been checkin gate weather - snow? rain? locust? What's on tap? Me? Might be heading to Mighty blue mountain for some spring skiing. If there is a compelling reason for it, could hit Belleayre or Hunter. really haven't been paying attention, so...
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    WST for 3/9-10.....March Lion, march....

    Well, ok...I think most everyone had some fun last weekend. I got 3-5" of nice soft snow at mighty Blue Mtn. in the pokes, tried out my new skis - I like them - and was home in time for dinner! And the weekend ended with some more snow! What's next? More snow? Sounds like it warms up here...
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    WST (Weekend Speculation Thread): Lion or Lamb? March 2-3

    Ok...here we go.... One Alpine Zoner is up in Maine hoping the wind makes like a lamb for a few days. Meanwhile, those of us trapped in our desks are hoping for some kind of white lion this week that makes the weekend snowy.... me? broke my skis last weekend replaced them last week and...
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    Rustler 9 vs. Bushwacker?

    I killed my Bushwackers. Inclined to just get a new pair. Loved those skis. but the Rustler 9 sounds intriguing. Claims it's a better edging ski in east coast conditions. Needs to be great in the bumps, and nimble in the trees. Any experiences out there?
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    Weekend Speculation Thread - The Presidential Edition! 2/16-17

    High stakes table this week with lots of action! Big storm rolling in midweek. The Pros will be ditching work and getting it while they can Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, leaving the rank amateurs to face the eternal NE question-how bad will it rain this weekend? Some indications that the...
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    Weekend speculation thread - weekend of 2/9-10....When the Rain Comes??

    Every skiers favorite game - weekend speculation! Rain coming to wash away all this nice snow? Will the north dodge a bullet again? Is there any meteorological escape hatch in this forecast??? Will anyone say f-it and sharpen their skates and head straight for the trees?? Is there a mad run...
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    Weekend Speculation Thread 2/2-3: The Road to Recovery?

    Northern ADKs and VT got some surprise snow and sounds like conditions up there were pretty good. S. Vt. and the Cats sounded a little sketchier. Good under the guns kind of reports. Magic seems to have gotten hit pretty hard, with trail counts nose diving to around 50%. What will the week...
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    This weekend speculation thread 1/25-27

    OK - let's speculate some more! Rain gonna kill everything? Mid vt. get spared? N vt get snow? How will the cats be after a night of rain? Dunzo? Or worth a day trip? It's almost hump day! let's talk bout the weekend!
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    Speculation about MLK weekend storm....

    Is this for real? Ice or snow in the Catskills? Huge in N.Vt? Total miss? Let's speculate!
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    Catskills this weekend.....

    Sure, they didn't get clobbered with snow, but Hunter is as far north as I can get this weekend - how's it looking? Really between Belleayre or Hunter. Anyone in the area - how much snow is on the ground? Any chance to skin around Highmount? I'm sure there is not enough to really ski it...