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    Is that parking lot in front of the lift line one of the pay to park lots with 3 cars in it?
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    Loon Mountain, 12-27-21

    Decent day, especially first thing. They have a lot of terrain open, almost all of it groomed-as usual. South Peak was my favorite part of the mountain today. Wet guns going all day on their race hill off the new 8 pack. Corrals never more than half full. By 2pm - or earlier- every run pretty...
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    Stowe Thread

    On one of my lift rides I met the Food & Beverage director at Stowe and we talked about staffing levels. His F&B department is at 50%, and the most staffing at any department at Stowe is at 70%. Snowmaking is about 60% he said. I told him, "sign of the times". On another lift ride a local told...
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    Stowe Thread

    I was there yesterday-Friday-a real nice day. Lift line a couple of minutes most of the day. Slopes were pretty much open all day. Some low angle glades were skiable. I really like that they open at 8am everyday (7:30 on Saturday). Every ski area should have at least one lift open at 8am.
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    Mount Sunapee announces opening day Wednesday, 11-24-21. They can open but Cannon can't?
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    Day tickets going through the roof in Vermont

    Ski it if you can.....afford it.
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    Major West Mtn Plans: High Speed Lift, Real Estate, More

    You could make that your year round home, ski at night when you come home from work. Hit the mountains on the weekends.
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    The Nansen Ski Jump

    A side note, NH is the only state in the country that has Ski Jumping as a sanctioned high school varsity sport. About a dozen schools in the state participate, and there are a lot smaller jumps in the state. There's a really cool one in the woods just off the Kancamaugus Highway not to far...
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    Human remains found at Loon

    They are still developing the housing area over at South Peak. It could be in that area because 20 years ago that was all undeveloped woods.
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    Singles line?

    Will the singles line be back this winter?