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  1. Greg

    Moguls - Spring 2020

    As we start to head into spring, post you spring bump reports here. :daffy::spread:
  2. Greg

    Bolton Valley

    Never been. Considering for Sunday if the storm looks like it will deliver there. Any thoughts on the place? Terrain preference is ungroomed/natural trails and trees. How's BV for that?
  3. Greg

    Whisk(e)y Thread

    I know there's an old one in Misc but nobody posts there anymore so....new thread here. My taste for whiskey has matured a bit and have been into scotch the past few years. Total peated Islay fan. Top favorites usually on the shelf right now are Ardbeg 10 and Laphoroig 10. Anyone else a scotch...
  4. Greg

    Superpasses: more crowds?

    Wow. First thread I've started in I don't know how long! Been lurking a lot this preseason as I haven't been as pumped to ski as I've been this season in several for various reasons. Anyway, reading a lot of superpass hate...mostly about leading to more crowds, etc. Not sure I get all that. Have...
  5. Greg


    Just here to bump my post count so he doesn't take the top spot...
  6. Greg

    Need to upgrade

    Time for new skis this year. Have not paid much attention to technology at all in recent years. Still on 2007 Dynastar Legend 8000s as my all mountain ski. Want something nimble, great in bumps and decent on the rest of the mountain. Not interested in bump-specific skis, but need to ski as well...
  7. Greg

    Shameless Plug

    My band, So What? is playing at the Wobbly Barn in Killington this Friday and Saturday night. Anyone up in K-town this weekend, stop in and say hello! We go on around 9:30 both nights, but knowing most AZers, ya'll will be crashed out by then.... :spin:
  8. Greg

    Sundown 2013-14 Thread

    Just cuz...... lol
  9. Greg

    Hello people

    Got a nice rare quiet night with a drink in hand so figured I'd check out the old AZ. I lurk very occasionally just not a lot of time to check in. I might have said it before.......I think I've posted everything I could ever think about posting over the years, but it's fun to chime in now and...
  10. Greg

    Jeff Bokum / Skiiboot

    Not posting here much lately, and it sucks to come back under these circumstances, but I know a few of you have used Jeff Bokum's boot fitting services. It saddens me to report that Jeff passed away last week from cancer. That's all the information I have.
  11. Greg

    A Word with The Dis! Ski Sundown - 3/14/2012

    Great day, highlighted by my on-chair interview with the legendary disemboweler, AKA Brownsville Brooklyn, etc.: 38527370
  12. Greg

    Nass RAW - Wed, 5/11

    Bike is ready. Looking to get started for the MTB season, Wed RAW. Slow to moderate pace (more likely slow....haven't been on a bike since July). Maybe 6 or 7 miles tops. Open to suggesttions on starting point based on current logging situation/trail conditions. Soccer fields? Stone Rd.? Hit me up.
  13. Greg

    Killington - 4/25

    Nice day! Glad we came up. Partly sunny and 50+. Supe was groomed in the middle. Ghey! Still looks like plenty of bumps on upper/mid ovation and skyehawk ir lark or whatever it is....
  14. Greg

    Killington - Thurs, 4/21

    Wanted to do Friday (which looks better weather-wise) but can't so gonna aim for Thursday. If the forecast doesn't improve, I might bag it.
  15. Greg

    Mogul reports for SoVT?

    Looking to go somewhere in Southern VT Thursday or more likely Friday. Not up for the trip all the way to Killington. Who's got the best bumps right now? Snow or Okemo?
  16. Greg

    Sugarloaf - AZ Summit 2.0 Weekend

    Brian and I just got here. Took one run on Sheer Boom. TONS of fresh snow/crud/pow bumps. Snowing now. The skiing is epic. The. Woods have to be fantastic. We'll scope Brackett Basin tomorrow. Gonna be a sick sick weekend.
  17. Greg

    Ski Sundown - 3/20

    Got to the mountain around 1:00 pm to ski with the girls. A spectacular day at the Institution. Bluebird and low 40's. Corn snow. Took about two runs alone with the girls and the rest with Brian and his 3 1/2 year old. madriverjack and buddy Frank were inattendance. Towards the end of the day...
  18. Greg

    Sundown - St. Patty's Day -3/17

    Bumps are epic. /thread
  19. Greg

    Getting Pumped!

    Last season sucked for me in a big way. Gonna get more rides in this year and starting to get pumped for it.
  20. Greg

    Sundown - Thursday, 3/17

    Plan accordingly. Sunny and 56 after a day of rain. Slush moguls that should be built up nice after tomorrow. Granite exposure is to be expected. Mandatory trough hopping. Skip the tunes. I'll be there early to scrape up the slush.