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    Killington 2 for 1 Tickets

    Are these available any longer?
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    Gore replacing High Peak double with a quad this summer.

    Saw this on ski the east, but Gore has no mention of it on their website. I welcome it, never liked that chair.
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    Kudo's to Hunter (Really Vail)

    The weather this season has been nothing short crappy. Anytime the temps turn cold, Hunter is turning on the guns. Kudos.
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    Looks like Hunter learned from last year. Making snow again!

    Was shocked to look on the Webcam and see snowmaking. Hopefully they learned from last year. Kudo's!
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    Hunter Opens Saturday!

    With Multiple ways off the top!
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    Hunter North

    So the new area will consist of 5 new trails and a six pack high speed lift! I think a high speed quad would have been sufficient! How about just a high speed quad and remodel the bathrooms!
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    Driving from Vegas to Snowbird in Early March

    Sights to see on the way. Might Stay in Cedar City, UT as a halfway point.
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    Killington World Cup Tickets

    YES, THIS IS A RANT! Had all my tickets and preferred parking and pages kept locking up on two different computers. Lost on on the preferred parking because of their poor planning. (You know a bunch of people will be hitting your servers...scale them the fuck up this morning! It can be done!)...
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    Snowbird and accommodations...

    Trying to plan a quick 3 day trip to Snowbird Feb 6-9th and ski for 3 days with my son. How often does the access road get closed due to weather. Was thinking of staying in the Sandy area and driving up. Any ideas would be helpful.
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    Blue Boy at Hunter...

    How many Hunter regulars know about this wacko? I think we need to lynch him before he hurts someone! He is never caught in the act.
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    Hunter started making snow!

    So maybe we will be skiing this week! Looks like the 1.2 million spent on snowmaking may be money well spent!
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    Ok...This weather sucks!

    That is all... :) It needs to get colder!
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    US Women Sweep Podium in Lake Louise!!!

    The speed queen is back!
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    Sharpen Your edges Boys and Girls

    Its gonna be solid tomorrow!
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    Hunter 11-22

    I know I always bust the mtns chops, but today was a very good first day. And the pass debacle was not too bad this morning. Both ways down held up well and the coverage was very good. Tomorrow will be softer, but there is plenty of snow. By next weekend after the little warmup, it should be...
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    Hunter to start snowmaking tomorrow!

    Are they turning over a new leaf!? Maybe next weekend won't be a WROD!
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    Hunter posts Projected Opening Date! 11-21-14!

    This is the first time in many years they have put out a projected opening date! And its Fairly early too....