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  1. J

    The Crotched Mountain Rocket Challenge

    Yesterday, I supervised the CM vertical challenge featuring local skiers, Joe O. and Dylan P. and the world leader on the Trace Snow app, Scott H. The numbers speak for themselves. If you want vertical in a regularly scheduled day, CM is the place to go. Dylan and Scott went from 9AM until...
  2. J

    Deals for Superbowl Sunday

    In most years, many areas offer some pretty good Super Bowl Sunday specials. I notice that Crotched Mtn. is offering a full day ticket at the window to anyone wearing Patriot gear - a hat, a t-shirt, a jacket, etc. for $29. What other deals are out there?
  3. J

    Crotched Mtn. 2016-17

    Sat., Nov. 26, 2016 I returned to ski country yesterday after a 2.5 week absence. Wachusett opened and they have similar weather and less fire-power than we have! I wondered: Why aren't we open? At any rate, I put on my boots and hiked Super Nova to Milky Way and finally Moon Walk to the...
  4. J

    Killington 2016-7

    Today, Oct. 26, 2016, Weds., I kicked of the 2016-7 season. I would have gone yesterday, but when they changed plans to open at noon, I changed my mind. The trip had two nice surprises. First, the two worst stretches of road were repaved over the summer. The second was that despite the fact...
  5. J

    Killington 2016-7: It's On!

    It's on! Two of my Killington buddies skied Rime today and sent me photos. Don't know when they'll spin the lifts, but any claims to first runs of the eastern season are no longer available!
  6. J

    Who Won the Election in NH Today?

    Based on my observation at Crotched Mt. today, the ski area did! With 4" of new fluff and many students having the day off (because their schools are used as polling places), we had a crowd that rivaled a weekend day. Did other areas get a big "primary bump"?
  7. J

    Granite Gorge

    I heard that something happened at Granite Gorge today (Sun. Jan. 31, 2016), but haven't been able to find details. Anybody got anything?
  8. J

    Killington - Dec. 9 and 10, 2015

    Dec. 9, 2015 Nice sunny day, but temps really never got above freezing. At the summit, they made snow most of the day with the effort especially on FIS and Powerline. The skiing was lovely and their snow report for coverage, open trails and open lifts was accurate. There was a pretty good...
  9. J

    Crotched Mt. - May 9. 2015

    From facebook, CM has announced "On Saturday, May 9th Crotched Parks will host its annual MAYDAY postseason rail session on Lower CM Terrain Park from 12pm to 4pm. Freestyle skiers & riders will find a selection of rail & snow features to stomp tricks on. $10 Ticket for on snow access. All...
  10. J

    The Industry View on Spring Skiing

    It's interesting how modern snowmaking has pushed back the start of the ski season. Prior to the snowmaking era, Christmas was at most marginal skiing. The ski season really was Jan. 15 to Mar. 15. As Killington began pushing the envelope with snowmaking, not only did Christmas become one of...
  11. J

    Mount Sunapee - Mar. 25, 2015 Weds.

    It's been 5 years since my last trip to Sunapee. There was a pretty good crowd considering it was a non-holiday late in the season Wednesday. Parking Lot #1 was full as were the roadside parking between #1 and #2 and there were even a few cars in Lot #2. There were no real lift-lines, but...
  12. J

    Granite Gorge: Mar. 13, 2015 - Fri.

    Mar. 13, 2015 - Fri.: Granite Gorge The last time I skied at "Granite Gorge" was Superbowl Sunday, 1976. It was operating as Pinnacle Mt. One of the trails in the re-constituted area recognizes that piece of history and is in fact called Pinnacle. If I were to compare Granite Gorge size-wise...
  13. J

    Pat's Peak: Mar. 10, 2015

    Mar. 10, 2015 - Tues. This was my first trip to Pat's Peak since the 1989-90 season and I was particularly curious to see how the area has changed over the intervening years. For starters, they have a wonderful beginner area and after one graduates from that beginner area, they have a great...
  14. J

    Say thanks to the lifties

    I think that the lift attendants are one of the most underappreciated employees of a ski area. While many of their duties go under the radar, like safety checks, preparing ramps and more; most of us have as our primary interaction: making sure chairs (Gondola cars, etc.) go up full when there...
  15. J

    Saddleback 2014-5 Season

    Jan. 12, 2015 - Mon. Today was the first day of what has become an annual trip to Saddleback. I suspect that most members of this forum already know Saddleback, but for those of you who don't, Saddleback is a gem that sits in the shadow of Sugarloaf (less than 10 miles as the crow flies...
  16. J

    Apps for tracking one's day

    I've been using Ski Tracks. On a day over 20 degrees, it just makes it through the day before the battery dies. On colder days, it doesn't make it through the day. Any suggestion for apps that are easier on the battery?
  17. J

    Seeded Moguls vs. Natural Moguls

    The "Ragged HSQ Thread" has drifted in many directions and I thought it might be useful to open a new thread. In that thread, http://forums.alpinezone.com/showthread.php/130721-Ragged-Mountain-installing-at-HSQ-to-replace-Spear-this-summer/page27, "deadheadskier" advocated for seeding moguls...
  18. J

    Killington Nov. 3, 2014

    Nov. 3, 2014 - Mon. First trip report for the season. I went to Killington today who opened at 11AM. I'd estimate 300 to 400 very enthusiastic (and mostly pretty good) skiers. The liftline at the North Ridge Triple peaked at perhaps 5 minutes. No WROD. All trails were full width. Two ways...
  19. J

    Ragged Mt. - Mar. 25, 2014 - Tues.

    Went to Ragged for the first time in 5 years. What a great mountain and of course, with this year's exceptional crop of late season snow, all the non-snowmaking stuff was fabulous. Since I was there last, they added more glades. Moose Tracks (off Ridge Run) skis like Squeeze Play (Ramshead...