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  1. darent

    Snowbound Expo Nov 18-20

    where is the Hynes, can't place it ?
  2. darent

    snow tires for 215/65R16 tire size?

    I was told when buying winter tires that you shouldn't copy the exact size that your normal tires are. say you run a 225/65R 17, you should go to a 215 or narrower width. I used Town Fair tire when I bought winter tires for my Subaru, Free switch mounting for 6 years, can't beat that. I had my...
  3. darent


    no watering restrictions on cape and some spots in SE Mass
  4. darent

    Today I felt old because...

    last winter went to Gunstock for the first time, skied for free, over 70. Planning to hit it again this coming season if their big squabble doesn't screw it up
  5. darent

    Sunday River trip advice

    white cap lodge and parking, never really crowded mid week unless it's a holiday or school vacation
  6. darent

    Gunstock Mountain TRIP REPORT

    looking for a quick hit and chose Gunstock, first visit and was pleasantly surprised. Had two beautiful days with great conditions and small crowds both days.Looking to get bindings mounted on my new skis and was taking care of by their ski repair shop while I waited.Great service and so...
  7. darent

    Vt dropping travel restrictions for people vaccinated effective Feb 23rd

    as many people who gave a shit about travel restrictions this summer to my little Island
  8. darent

    Saddleback Maine

    we skied there the last year they were open, can't wait to get back. makes a great Maine ski trip SB and the Loaf
  9. darent

    Maine reimposes quarantine, COVID-19 test requirements on visitors from Massachusetts

    to bad all those people from NH,Maine ,Vermont and New York didn't obey the quarantine that was inplace when visiting Nantucket this summer
  10. darent

    Are you the slow driver or the fast driver?

    moderate driver, speed limit on two lane roads and about 5 too 10 mph over on interstate and I hate driving a car with all the new crap, If you want to have the car drive you hirer a chauffeur
  11. darent

    Boots n' Buckles

    hard to believe that their are people that don't have the free time to buckle a boot or rotate a tire, maybe even wax the top of your skis!!
  12. darent

    Boot Flex

    PUGSKI.COM has a nifty little article on boot buying,It answers a lot of questions and gives good direction on the buying process. Check it out
  13. darent

    Vail considering cutting back on announced improvements- beginning of the end for VR?

    I'll take these conditions any day over the year I spent in Vietnam, some of my generation have seen a lot worse!!
  14. darent


    take a big mouthful of water, do a 3 point head stand ,swallow water
  15. darent

    Who is your favorite musician?

    Stevie Ray Vaughn Johnie Winter Jimmy Page Eric Clapton take a pick
  16. darent

    Name this puppy

    I was told that a dogs name should be two syllables, even read that in a dog training book many years ago.
  17. darent

    3 day trip 1st week of March - Bolton Valley or Sunday River

    we liked the North Peak condos at SR when we took the kids, building we stayed in had a pool and good access to lifts.
  18. darent

    How many of you have the ski patrol phone number on your phone?

    made it a habit after my wife hurt her ankle in Steamboat. Nice reminder drJeff,thanks
  19. darent

    Superpasses: more crowds?

    I can remember The American Skiing Company pass, made weekends crazy at most of their mountains, but mid week was quiet. will have to wait and se how things shake out.