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    The '21-'22 ski season was the busiest ever per the NSAA!

    Capped dumps seem to be a great place for solar. Wide open and very little other uses.
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    What in the world is going on at wildcat…

    Agreed. I saw snowmaking going on at both Attitash and Wildcat yesterday. It doesn’t look like a cloud of snow like Cannon but it is going on. Also the summit at Wildcat is finally open.
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    Easter Weekend - Where Are You Skiing/Riding?

    I'm thinking about hitting wildcat tomorrow. How are moguls holding up? I don't mind skiing on patches like shown in the pictures.
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    Fat Lady Thread 2017

    Blue Hills announced they are trying for April 2. Their new pumphouse made a huge difference this year.
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    Snowmaking in March

    Blue hills has been on an all out assault the past 48 hours.
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    Man Sues Ski Liberty After Fall

    I assumed the artificial cliff was the same as the one my snow used to have. It was a mound of boulders shaped into a drop. It was built on carinthia and has been gone a couple years now.
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    Summit Ski in Framingham MA?

    I will be picking up my skis there on Wednesday. I will only buy, mount, and tune at Summit. They are the only people I trust in the area. It's worth th 45 minute drive for me.
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    Stowe intel

    I was there Tuesday. Was my favorite day skiing this season. While things were getting thin and slushy down below it was still deep up too. Still lots of ways to get down the mountain.
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    What the heck is going on at Magic?

    At first glance I had thought this was a picture of one of the chairs falling off the wire
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    Killington skiing into June.!

    Since the "S" sticks around so long they should put in a lift that only goes up that section. :spin:
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    Cannon Lover's Thread

    I can confirm from yesterday that it was pretty darn good good
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    Who's blowing off work on Wednesday?

    Thank you! I have AT&T so hopefully will be good. If not it's not the end of the world.
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    Who's blowing off work on Wednesday?

    Anyone know if there is cell service at Bolton Valley? May try and hit it up for awhile tomorrow morning but I have to be accessible for work.
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    1/26 Manitoba Mauler

    I'm in Burlington VT today and it has been coming down hard for awhile now.
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    Last Day for discount passes at Wachusett

    Thanks! I was hoping it would be something like that. I typically never go there because of the crowds, but this weekend they appear to be the closest place open so I was thinking of taking a shot. Maybe they can win me back after a 20 year hiatus.
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    Last Day for discount passes at Wachusett

    Does anyone know how busy wawa is on opening weekend? I was thinking of shooting up there Saturday afternoon.
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    Ski Art

    I really like the Ski New England one. Berkshire East, while a favorite ski area of mine, seems out of place on it.