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    Jay Peak bombshell

    The initial bid increment was $1.175 million, after that it was $250k minimums.
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    Two summers ago was much worse.
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    Whaleback donations tripled today...

    Another fundraiser happening this month, this time specifically for lighting improvements.
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    Jay Peak bombshell

    Well you have to assume everyone's kicked the tires by now, presumably this was the best offer made.
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    I don't know, they'll own or rent heavy equipment anyway for trail maintenance, and they've got labor on site already, could well be an entirely in house mistake. Might even be more likely for ski area workers who aren't necessarily familiar with general construction practices to not know or...
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    Gunstock Management team resigns

    The free stater wet dream is to take a well-run public program, gut it to the point of non-viability, and then demand that it be privatized because obviously government has failed.
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    2020-21 Sunday River

    A moose once bit my sister. Really!
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    Jay Peak bombshell

    Their communications director said earlier this month that "there are two viable contenders, I would say, that are at the 20-yard line."
  9. K

    A recent 2ndThaw refresh with the incoming storm of 2/25 or "Oaklee"(lol) bringing a very much needed foot of snow :) to the Northeast

    Very light (low density, not depth) snow, at least in central VT. Doubt it's going to hold up to skier traffic at all tomorrow.
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    Stowe Thread

    Mt Mansfield Co (affiliated with AIG) owns the base buildings and land up to about where the wider slopes at the bottom of the chairlift start. The only thing Vail owns is the parking lot across the road.
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    Stowe Thread

    Photoshopped. the shadows and snowmaking clouds in the background are identical.
  12. K


    I prescribe acetylene + oxygen, applied to base of tower.
  13. K

    Snowmaking Pipe Bursts at Beech, Freezing Person to Lift

    I wouldn't count on there being a base dispatcher. The radio system should support making an emergency call across all channels, though.
  14. K

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Vail and Beaver Creek used to do a noon groom, which led to skiers following close behind, and even among, the cats, until the day the inevitable happened, fortunately without fatal results. The practice ended with that shift and did not resume.
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    What in the world is going on at wildcat…

    Seems to me like the difference in saying "this snowcat is due for an oil change in five hours" and "eh, well, the engine isn't going to spin a bearing if we do it next week." But that's not much to brag about, really. Look at us, we're meeting literally the most basic standards.
  16. K

    The NEW Magic Mountain

    Funny you mention dying, since the last lift fatality in the US was from an identical problem a few years ago in Colorado--new drive on old motor, lift surged, woman fell from bouncing chair. I like Magic as much as anyone, and I have a lot of respect for folks trying to make a capital...
  17. K

    Stowe Thread

    When I worked for Vail a few years ago this was one of the points I made to the managers. They (and it's not just Vail to be fair) have this long list of perks that they'll use to make the job sound attractive, but if you spread it across the hours worked in a season the pass is worth less than...
  18. K


    Is this the first time they've had to scratch a race at Killington? I don't remember one before now, but I could be wrong.
  19. K

    New lift, trail work proposed for Whiteface Mountain

    At one point in the recent past, Gore's long term planning called for cutting more trails, I think at least in part by clearing out some of the glades.
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    The NEW Magic Mountain

    Well that assumes that they paid in full from cash reserves, as opposed to a capital loan. I don't know much of anything about ski resort business in particular, but in general I wouldn't count on that being true. And it may well be at this point that a defined loan repayment schedule for the...