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  1. darent

    Gunstock Mountain TRIP REPORT

    looking for a quick hit and chose Gunstock, first visit and was pleasantly surprised. Had two beautiful days with great conditions and small crowds both days.Looking to get bindings mounted on my new skis and was taking care of by their ski repair shop while I waited.Great service and so...
  2. darent

    Haystack Mountain Private Resort

    Haystack has opened a office on Main Street in Nantucket seeking the summer 1% ers who frequent the Island.Their advertisement says " Get 50 Runs in a Day at New England only Private Ski Resort".
  3. darent

    winter tires with wheels

    4 used winter tires mounted on steel wheels ,2850 miles on them Toyo Observe G-02 plus 225 60R 16 mounted on steel wheels 100mmx 5 set up was for Subaru Outback $300.00 or make offer garaged in Hanover MA have pictures PM me your email
  4. darent

    cold weather blessing

    finally ice, been 3 years since we got the ole iceboat out, had a great day today . good steady 20 mph wind with good ice,made for a wonderful afternoon screamin on a reach!! anyone else out there have a DN
  5. darent

    brackett basin is opened

    just received a e-mail, with 10" of fresh patrol opened brackett basin at sugarloaf
  6. darent

    boston ski show

    I haven't been in a few years so was interested to see if it had changed any; I thought that the ski market sale was better than what they had today. Line had some really good pricing on their skis - celeberty 90 at $390.00 and the flite 90 at the same price. Marker had a ton of bindings, dukes...
  7. darent

    Jay Peak Resort 2/2/11-2/3/11

    jay peak resort 2/21/11-2/3/11 powder and more powder arrived early wednesday morning in a snow storm with10" on the ground, skiing on velvet, silent and it just kept coming all day./ light fluffy powder everywhere, deep pockets in the woods,fell a few times and was buried, trying to keep up...
  8. darent


    8;20pm nantucket, winds picking up over 20kts, with gust going higher, huge surf, raining. the effects of earl has started
  9. darent


    what is the cost of running a nastar coarse ?, I have only run one at steamboat a couple of times and it was a dollar a run. I was at mt snow this weekend and I was told it was $5.00 a run, is this the going rate now
  10. darent

    mt snow 121/31/07

    monday morning started off with 6" to 12" of new powder, the quad to the top started loading a few minutes before 8 am as a cheer went up.skiing was fantastic the whole morning, all runs were open and it was a powder free for all. more people were showing up as the morning turned to noon, the...