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  1. pedxing

    Cohos Trail summer 2009

    Please note I hit the trail at its very wettest. Its generally easier and it keeps getting better. The Cohos Trail Association may be small, but they are great people and very hard workers. Lots of improvements for 2010! (donating your time or money to the trail will help make this a truly...
  2. pedxing

    Wait 'til next year

    Well, I'm in no position to break my paycheck addiction long enough to tackle the AT like skibum (conratulations, by the way skibum!) - but I'm already doing some planning - OK daydeaming - about next summer. Most summers I do manage to get out for a few weeks, but not this year - so I'm...
  3. pedxing

    Five Year anniversary Station Club Fire

    Five years ago today the headlines were full of news about last years tragedy and hundreds of people had begun a fight for their lives. Here's a powerful personal reflection from one of the survivors: http://blogs.townonline.com/finer_u/?p=3272
  4. pedxing

    Walk for Burn Survivors - Charles River 10/14/07

    For background see: http://forums.alpinezone.com/989-news-about-pedxing.html?highlight=pedxing You are invited to join in walk around the Charles River for Burn Survivors and/or come to the reception (free food and inexpensive beer at the American Legion Marsh Post on the Charles at Gerry'S...
  5. pedxing

    Gary Fisher Genesis Hard Tailes

    I'm on the verge of getting a new bike for roads, paved trails and also dirt trails and light mountain bike trails (such as the ones at the Middlesex Fells north of Boston). The bikes I rode today that tempted me the most were in this series: The GF Wahoo, Marlin, and PIranha. Any one have...
  6. pedxing

    Cross Country trip launched May 8

    Mike Manning, originally from Quincy - but now a firefighter in Ohio - is doing a cross country trip fund raising tour, riding solo but welcoming others to join him. The kick off is at Shriner's Hospital for Children in Boston May, 8th. I'm planning to ride out there and follow him for the...
  7. pedxing

    Help with my Charity Walk

    Here is my big pitch for help with my walkathon. We are doing a walkathon around the Charles River on October 8 for the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors. I'm chairman of the walk. I'm hoping people will support this. The easiest way is with a secure tax deductible donation on line (for sign...
  8. pedxing

    Homefront Heroes

    http://www.homefronthero.org/ This should be a great event. The Homefront Heroes Rally and Expo being held this September 17th near Plymouth Rock. I will be there because my group, "The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors" is one of the "heroes" being honored and I will help represent them, and...
  9. pedxing

    Good Search - Search for a good cause

    There is a web page which uses the yahoo search engine that will donate money to charity ever time you do a search. You get to select the charity - you can even nominate a school or a charity and they can set it up. I nominated "Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors" and it is newly available as...
  10. pedxing

    Pound the Presi's for Brain Cancer Research

    A group of hikers/backpackers are doing a hike in the Presidentials to benefit the Brain Tumor Society. I can't join them, so I gave them a donation. IF you are up for participating or for donating, please donate at: http://www.firstgiving.com/poundthepresis or check out the VFTT thread for...
  11. pedxing

    Good Place in the Boston Area for a Walkathon?

    I've been working with the Phoenix Society (an organization very close to myheart) to organization a fund raising Walkathon for next October. The one site we applied for is already booked for the weekend we would use (A River loop off Storrow Drive near the TV Station and the State Police...
  12. pedxing

    Play Poker for a good Cause in Nashua N.H.

    I volunteered some time for this fundraiser for burn survivors. Drop in when you like. I'd suggest Mapquesting for best directions... the one's below work, but having followed them - I'm sure it's quicker to get there from Exit 2 off Rt. 3 (it's just North of that exit). Here's the info...
  13. pedxing

    Long Trail Trip Report July/August 2005

    I've finally gotten around to proof reading my trail journals for my long trail trip. Instead of using up band width and cutting and pasting, I'm just posting a link. I still plan on writing some kind of post-script when I get a chance, but things are very busy...
  14. pedxing

    Summerbridge Youth Program needs to borrow large tents for a trip

    Summerbridge Cambridge, an academic enrichment program for low-income middle school students in Cambridge, MA is having a camping trip for 86 students. They are going to Harold Parker State Forest this Thursday July 20th. One of the organizers writes: "This trip is a fantastic and...
  15. pedxing

    Bicycle touring

    A co-worker and I were talking about doing multi-day bicycle trips. He might go cross country one day. I'm more likely to do something in New England and/or the Maritimes. Are there good websites for people who do this? Other sites where I could learn useful stuff about routes, gear, camp...
  16. pedxing

    Onion Classic (thinking of London)

    In the wake of 9/11, the Onion did a classic story. The tragedy in London reminded me of it: Hijackers Surprised to Find Themselves in Hell "We expected eternal paradise for this," say suicide bombers. JAHANNEM, OUTER DARKNESS—The hijackers who carried out the Sept. 11 attacks on the World...
  17. pedxing

    I like Alison Krauss

    I've seen a few mentions of Alison Kraus, so I thought I might mention that she is headlining at a benefit concert at Sanders theater in Cambridge. Sanders theater is a pretty small place with great acoustics and no bad seats and is owned by Harvard. The bill includes: Alison Krauss, Richard...
  18. pedxing

    EMS 20% Off Sale

    EMS is having a 20% off sale on everything today and tomorrow. At 20% off they have a fair amount of stuff worth buying.
  19. pedxing

    Pedxing's thank you party

    OK this is an odd way to make an invitation and I apologize for the awkwardness. I trust it will be deleted if inappropriate - or maybe in a month when it is obsolete. I’ve wanted a better way to thank people for their support during difficult times. Exactly a year ago, I was emerging from a...
  20. pedxing

    Half A'd Expeditions

    Any one heard of this Northeast outing website? http://www.haeadventure.com/