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    Tenney Mountain

    It’s strange. He then says in the comments that it’s not over yet and that he is on a “split mission”.
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    Sugarloaf 3/21-3/23/21

    Both Muleskinner and all the Casablanca chutes were open some time after noon today. Everything else was roped off on that top crosscut except for Tightline. Didn’t ski Casablanca but did make it to Muleskinner which was a bit thin but fun. Best bumps were the T-bar line and Upper Peachy’s...
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    Saddleback Meeting

    They officially announced the purchase of new high speed quad for the Rangeley at the party they held in the lodge yesterday. Even had the Doppelmayr rep there. Video of it can be found here on the Friends of Saddleback FB page (most recent video)...
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    Random Beers

    Just got to try out my new home brew as it was finally ready today. It was based off a clone kit of Bissell Bros. Substance and it came out pretty good!
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    Random Beers

    It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. They were a lot more organized compared to what I heard from the last release. From the time the doors opened it took just less than 90 minutes. You were allowed to buy a case of 12 bottles.
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    Random Beers

    Made it to Maine Beer Co. today for the release of Dinner DIPA. Really good beer
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    Random Beers

    Agreed! Very good beer. Just got another pack yesterday. Also enjoying Foundation's Epiphany DIPA.
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    Guess the ski area

    It's a fun little mountain. About a dozen top to bottom runs with 400 vertical
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    Tenney? Hello? Is this thing on?

    Just saw this posted on their FB page
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    Sugarloaf - 5/2/2015

    Sugarloaf 5/5/2015 Went back to Sugarloaf today for some hiking and bonus turns. While there is still a ton of snow there, it is melting quickly (I guess Monday reaching 80 degrees doesn't help with that). Got to the mountain just after noon and started hiking by 12:30. Had to bootpack up the...
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