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  1. Quietman

    Lift Manufacturer SkyTrac Acquired by Leitner-Poma

    Friday, April 29, 2016, NewEnglandSkiIndustry.com American lift manufacturer SkyTrac has been acquired by Leitner-Poma. Leitner-Poma CEO Anton Seeber is quoted by Ski Area Management magazine as stating, "Like Leitner-Poma Group, Skytrac also will be managed autonomously and independently to...
  2. Quietman

    Mt Snow 4/19-Spring Skiing

    Decided to hit Mt Snow for their closing day, and was not disappointed. My brother paid $19.54 and my son and I paid nothing (except for an $8 burger), and we got more than our money's worth. Arrived at 9, 1st runs were very firm. Decided to stay on the main face until 11, then hit North face...
  3. Quietman

    Crotched is Blowing Snow!

    Says that "Projected Opening Day is December 6th. Dates could change with favorable snowmaking temperatures and perhaps a natural snow event. We'll keep everyone posted."
  4. Quietman

    Waterville Valley Receives Approval for Green Peak Expansion

    This has been on the local news today, not a lot of info yet but.... Green Peak Expansion Approval Information
  5. Quietman

    Crotched 4/6 Sweet!

    Delayed my arival until 11am due to the temps and hit it just about perfect. It stayed colder than I anticipated today so it never got soft or sticky. The bumps didn't softened up but to have 100% coverage, 3 terain parks for some air, and great snow leaves no room for complaints. Almost never...
  6. Quietman

    Crotched Mtn 3/21/13

    Left work at 5, pulled in the parking lot at 5:25, and was on the hill by 5:30. The snow was great I figured an evening after a 12" drop of snow could be a busy night. Our longest wait was 10 seconds delayed by having to dodge snowballs as we were throwing them at the lifties. Took a couple...
  7. Quietman

    Crotched Mountain 2/5/13

    Got 3 hrs of skiing in at Crotched tonight and it was great! 100% open(except for the glades of course) and fresh manmade(last night) on most of the trails. 1st time this year that I was able to ski Jupiter's Storm without wanting ice skates, in fact there was no ice in sight. The trail report...