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    Yes, the stumps are underneath the entire lot. It was permitted as a stump dump in the 80s when Stugger expanded the Carinthia terrain to the top of where the quad lift goes.
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    Where the parking deck was proposed is a stump dump with contaminated soil. The stumps are 20 ft thick within the lot. Those stumps need to be separated out via the soil segregation plan if they plan to put in a parking deck. Without doing so, the footings would collapse as the stumps...
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    Carinthia parking lot got classified by the state as a brownfield. No way they spend the extra money to put a parking garage there, knowing you are looking at ~10mil remediation costs before getting started. Plenty of other non-brownfield sites that they have to work with.
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    Jay Peak bombshell

    "Deputy Secretary Moulton said in an email obtained by VTDigger that the idea of pressuring Rapid came from Stenger, who suggested that they make surrendering the URL a condition of the state’s approval of Mount Snow’s memorandum of understanding. Moulton “endorsed” the idea in an internal email...
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    VT proposing restrictions on Short Term rentals

    In Vermont, there is a non-residential tax rate and a residential tax rate, which are different rates. Then there is homestead tax abatement for which there is income sensitivity for the first $400k value of the home (capped at 5%of income under 47k) along with other income sensitivity up to...
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    VT proposing restrictions on Short Term rentals

    I agree. At one point in time, Mt Snow was going to build ~150 2,3,and 4 bedroom condos at the base of Carinthia for use exclusively as short term rentals. How would that be okay and not a regular person renting out their house? This bill would take away revenue from the State of Vermont...
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    Jay Peak bombshell

    It's easy for there to be moral hazard when there is all this no/low interest foreign Eb-5 loan money flowing in. That money then gets tied up for longer than the 5 year loan term because the visa quotas are capped and the program is oversubscribed. For example, say China is allowed 10,000...
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    Vail suspending all ski operations immediately

    Looks like encroachment into bat habitat is the leading reason for these outbreaks. "Many of the recently emerging highly virulent zoonotic diseases have a likely bat origin, for example Hendra, Nipah, Ebola and diseases caused by coronaviruses. Presumably because of their long history of...
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    Haystack / Hermitage news

    Pretty sure that if Mt Snow/Vail owned the deed restriction then they could remove it from the deed or choose not to enforce it. Not a lawyer.
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    New majority owner of Peak Resorts

    I was under the impression that the guy was vp at peaks at the time that he was busted setting up the oxy distribution ring. The local police traced the packages that were being sent to him under his dog's name. Caught him with something like 500 pills. Could be rumor.
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    Peak Resorts to buy Ski Liberty, Ski Roundtop, and Ski Whitetail in South Central PA

    Crazy that the acquisition, financed by Cap 1 llc, now makes Cap 1 llc the majority shareholder of Peaks at 54% ownership. Looks like the Sackler's (Purdue Pharma) investment arm is trying to make it more difficult for state AG's to clawback money from them. Wonder how their ongoing lawsuits...