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  1. deadheadskier

    2022-11-25 Loon

    I was there Friday with my son as well. One of the better first days of the season in recent memory between the snow quality and terrain available. Yesterday was not a repeat. Boiler plate all over. Only Coolidge Street which saw a snowmaking refresh skied well. They had guns going on Blue...
  2. deadheadskier

    Your 2022-2023 Ski Season Thread

    Loon 11/25 Loon 11/29
  3. deadheadskier

    Outside Magazine's Top 10 Ski Films of All Time

    I'll throw Born from Ice on my top ten list. It was the first ski movie I could really relate to as it was all New England plus the really cool Newfoundland segment. I'm much more interested in watching people ski terrain I'm very familiar with and likely to ski again vs far off places.
  4. deadheadskier

    Outside Magazine's Top 10 Ski Films of All Time

    Yeah Blizzard needs to be on all top ten ski movie lists. Hot Dog too
  5. deadheadskier

    Huntington's Disease hope for cure everyday

    Give Scotty my best. Such a great guy
  6. deadheadskier

    End of paper trail maps?

    I'll also add that having a Season Pass with the biggest picture you can fit on the pass should be the standard. Someone needs to impress this on the RFID pass companies. The sport is about making memories, especially for kids, and some of my most vivid skiing memories as a child were going to...
  7. deadheadskier

    End of paper trail maps?

    My seven year old tonight. He rearranged his ski map bulletin board to make room for the Loon trail map he will pickup on Friday. We are starting our season there. Vail back to offering print maps again? I really hope so. Collecting trail maps is such a thrill for children
  8. deadheadskier

    Cannon Lover's Thread

    Open without it then. They ran old school for years
  9. deadheadskier


    I can think of nothing more Vail than blowing it on an announced opening day and moving it to a holiday. And they wonder why they have such a hard time recruiting people.
  10. deadheadskier

    Stowe Thread

    Hard to guage from your pictures is the capacity of the lineup area. Doesn't appear to be much real estate there for line queues on what may end being the busiest lift on the mountain.
  11. deadheadskier

    Stowe Thread

    It's an extremely popular area of the mountain. Some of the best intermediate cruisers and the terrain park is over there. Many people use the Forerunner for that terrain because it's a fast lift vs the somewhat long and slow Mountain triple. But it's not that compelling of terrain to get...
  12. deadheadskier


    I miss my my mug club days. Had one all 5 years. Thought I'd never move on from there as my home mountain. Ce la vi
  13. deadheadskier

    Stowe Thread

    Pics of the new six pack base next time someone is there. I'm curious to see where it starts from.
  14. deadheadskier

    Excessive crowds on the Modern day Ski mountain. Lift lines, Traffic lines & Parking issues. What, Where and When is the worst you have been through??

    Killington Peak double in the 80s was pretty brutal. An hour was the norm on Saturdays Modern times, MRG on weekends takes the prize for worst lines. Second place the Loaf on wind hold days. Both places I've experienced full ski days with only 7 or 8 runs total when it's been bad.
  15. deadheadskier

    Electric Cars/Trucks and winter weather testing with results. What do you think? Who has taken one in Freezing cold long distance to a Ski mountain?

    I'm excited to see the new CX-70 & CX-90. From a driving dynamics and fit and finish standpoint, I've long felt Mazda is the best non-luxury Asian brand.
  16. deadheadskier

    Which Mountain is the Best for YOU?

    Wasn't long ago I'd have said Stowe. Then it changed. So it became Wildcat. Then it changed. Now it's Saddleback. Hopefully it doesn't change.
  17. deadheadskier

    Cannon Lover's Thread

    I'm wondering if JDs hands are being tied by the state. Maybe they have seen the historical financial performance in November and said he can't open.
  18. deadheadskier

    Cannon Lover's Thread

    I definitely agree that a mountain of Cannon's stature should target the Friday after Thanksgiving at the latest. Been a few years since that happened. Not sure what you're talking about with first to close though. For at least a decade they've stayed open later than the vast majority of...