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  1. gores95

    Ski the East...or not?

    Thinking of coming up to either Gore or Stowe mid-March. Does anything look good on the horizon in terms of snowstorms?
  2. gores95

    Easter week four day skiing trip....recommendations for best snow?

    So we narrowed it down to either Stowe (with a day at Jay) or Killington. NH and Maine a little too far. Leaving Saturday and skiing three, maybe four days. Any K vs. Stowe thoughts condition wise? Both seem pretty similar at this point. Thanks!
  3. gores95

    Easter week four day skiing trip....recommendations for best snow?

    Thanks guys I'll be watching the weather and trail reports.
  4. gores95

    Easter week four day skiing trip....recommendations for best snow?

    Hey guys had a trip planned with 12 year old daughter to Mammoth and Squaw over Easter week but due to low snow we are not going. I think staying in the NE this year makes sense. Was thinking about Killington or possibly Sugarbush or Stowe. Don't want to drive that far (so no Maine). Any...
  5. gores95

    Anyone hearing snow for this weekend in the Northeast?

    I know its several days out but I am hearing there might be a chance of snow for the weekend for the ski resorts. Heading to Lake Placid for the first time and it would be a nice bonus to get some flakes! Anyone heard similar regarding chances of snow?
  6. gores95

    Who's blowing off work on Wednesday?

    Imagine if Long Island had mountains? This week everyone would head East! :)
  7. gores95

    Le Massif

    Where do you live? Seems like a LONG way away.......
  8. gores95

    Aspen and Other Western Resort Towns

    Bingo. Ski towns are not as populous as Buffalo and larger cities so the Aspens, Brecks, Steamboats of the USA don't show on these lists.
  9. gores95

    Xmas week options for a day?

    May look to ski with the kids somewhere on Monday, 12/26. I don't mind driving a few hours for at least decent conditions though I know it's pretty miserable these days. We live in NW NJ and the options are probably Elk, Camelback, Windham, Hunter or Belleayre. Any of these decent and worth a...
  10. gores95

    One day Killington lift ticket for sale

    I Ummm....no. You need the actual lift ticket. Thanks.
  11. gores95

    One day Killington lift ticket for sale

    Hey guys, Not sure if this is the right board for this but I have a one day Killington Express pass that can be used now until Killington closes (this Spring) with no blackouts. This is also nice since you just put it right on your jacket or pants and head for the line...no reason to go to the...
  12. gores95

    Presidents weekend - Elk, Plattekill, others?

    Elk will probably be pretty crowded on President's weekend....there really is no way to avoid crowds as its probably the busiest time of the year hands down. We love Elk but their lifts are a bit slow which doesn't help either. It probably won't be as crowded as some other local mountains but...
  13. gores95

    Airline Baggage - experiences with new rules on "no clothes in ski bag"?

    I flew Delta to SLC in mid-January and had no issues putting extra clothes in the ski bag I checked. I also carried on a Transpack boot bag (with boots and helmet) along with a Northface carry-on roller. Key is to board the plane as early as possible so there is room overhead for both bags.
  14. gores95

    Young girl hit and injured at Snowbird

    I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic!!! ;)
  15. gores95

    Thinking of a next weekend trek to Northern VT?

    Guys thanks for the input. I am actually leaning towards Okemo now. Here is my logic on Okemo vs Stowe: 1. Okemo is probably two hours closer to my home in NW NJ. 2. If I went to Stowe I would probably do Stowe on day, Jay the other. I don't want to be limited to just Spruce...I think we would...
  16. gores95

    Thinking of a next weekend trek to Northern VT?

    Thanks Steve. I think I will wait until Tuesday or Wednesday of this week to book the hotel. That way the forecast will at least be a little more accurate. Hopefully the rain forecasted for the entire region ends up as snow for the mountains!
  17. gores95

    Thinking of a next weekend trek to Northern VT?

    I was thinking of taking my 7yo daughter to Stowe and Jay Peak next weekend. The forecast looks not so good though. The NOAA is calling for rain/snow (mostly rain) this upcoming week and then Friday and Saturday will be VERY cold but sunny. Seems to me that spells ICE.....any thoughts on this...
  18. gores95

    So...how are the roads to VT (I91, to stowe)

    You should check the weather up there. This has been a weird storm so far with a real East/West rain/snow line. It is raining in Burlington and Montreal yet snowing in Trenton and Philly. From the radar most of VT is raining right now. Very strange.....