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  1. gores95

    Easter week four day skiing trip....recommendations for best snow?

    Hey guys had a trip planned with 12 year old daughter to Mammoth and Squaw over Easter week but due to low snow we are not going. I think staying in the NE this year makes sense. Was thinking about Killington or possibly Sugarbush or Stowe. Don't want to drive that far (so no Maine). Any...
  2. gores95

    Anyone hearing snow for this weekend in the Northeast?

    I know its several days out but I am hearing there might be a chance of snow for the weekend for the ski resorts. Heading to Lake Placid for the first time and it would be a nice bonus to get some flakes! Anyone heard similar regarding chances of snow?
  3. gores95

    Xmas week options for a day?

    May look to ski with the kids somewhere on Monday, 12/26. I don't mind driving a few hours for at least decent conditions though I know it's pretty miserable these days. We live in NW NJ and the options are probably Elk, Camelback, Windham, Hunter or Belleayre. Any of these decent and worth a...
  4. gores95

    One day Killington lift ticket for sale

    Hey guys, Not sure if this is the right board for this but I have a one day Killington Express pass that can be used now until Killington closes (this Spring) with no blackouts. This is also nice since you just put it right on your jacket or pants and head for the line...no reason to go to the...
  5. gores95

    Thinking of a next weekend trek to Northern VT?

    I was thinking of taking my 7yo daughter to Stowe and Jay Peak next weekend. The forecast looks not so good though. The NOAA is calling for rain/snow (mostly rain) this upcoming week and then Friday and Saturday will be VERY cold but sunny. Seems to me that spells ICE.....any thoughts on this...
  6. gores95

    Using my free Stratton ticket tomorrow...first time there since the 80's...

    They are reporting 20+" from the last two days so I am sure its nice up there. I know it gets a bad rap around here and I have not been to Stratton in a long while. Anyone been up to there lately? Worth it for FREE right??? ;) Thanks.
  7. gores95

    Anyone in the NE still blowin' snow?

    I understand at this time of year there is a concious effort by resorts NOT to spend tons of money on snowmaking. To give them the benefit of the doubt perhaps their water resources have run low by now. Of course holidays are long gone and I know the majority of the public's mind is on spring...
  8. gores95

    April 7-12 what Western Mountain area to ski???

    I am planning to take my 9 YO daughter to ski for her first time in big mountain country. Choices are down to basically three areas. Already did SLC earlier in the year and I have done Colorado in the past as well. Want to try something different. Daughter can ski all blues and does blacks...
  9. gores95

    Strange Jay snow stats....

    I know about the whole Jay Cloud thing and I agree they get by far the most snow in the Eastern US but they show 264" YTD on only a 24-48" base???? I would have thought the base would be MUCH higher than that. I know they get lots of wind but does this make sense? Believe me no comparison...
  10. gores95

    More Gore???

    Going up to Gore Mountain for the first time this weekend. I know its a crazy weekend but the lure of 39" of fresh just grabbed us! Anyone been up there and how does it look? Also does Gore get crazy crowded on holiday weekends? Any other Gore advice? Thanks.
  11. gores95

    How wide are your skis underfoot?

    Just curious as to what other ECers are skiing. If this needs to be moved to Gear forum so be it...I thought it would get more action here. I have a one ski quiver, Atomic Izor 9.7 that is 72mm underfoot. I know many are going fatter even with the lack of powder in our area (or my area!). I...
  12. gores95

    Skiing in Iran?!?!?!?!

    Long video but VERY well done. I wonder if the resort will take the AlpineZone challenge!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waMBt6EnsT8&mode=related&search=
  13. gores95

    President's weekend...anyplace not crazy crowded???

    With the recent good ski conditions shaping up for a while my family is thinking of heading north for the long weekend...2 or 3 nights. I know its a CRAZY weekend and we usually avoid booking anything over President's. I was thinking any ski area not known as a "resort" could be less crowded...
  14. gores95

    Very cool site

    Up late tonight and finding this website did not help. Has pics/facts on major mountains throughout the world. Found out that many of the larger mountains in the world (Kilimanjaro for example) are not THAT tough to climb...if you think 19K+ feet would be easy! Apart from the 02 issues you...
  15. gores95

    Jansport came through in a big way!

    Just thought I'd share an awesome customer service story regarding Jansport. Bought a wheeled 28" duffel from Steep and Cheap back in January of 2006 and while vacationing in Aruba in November the handle broke off. Called Jansport who told me to ship the bag to them. They called me back a few...
  16. gores95

    Can hils like MRG/Magic survive?

    Really don't want to get into the Global Warming/no snowboarder debate but can hills that do not produce enough man made snow survive going forward? Regardless of what caused it the consensus is that we are going into a warmer period and our winters will probably average a lot higher temps than...
  17. gores95

    How many heading west this winter?

    Haven't been out west since 1991 (Summit County, CO) but have two trips out west scheduled this year. 2/2-2/6 SLC 4/7-4/12 Whistler To be fair the Feb trip was scheduled before this awful winter but I added the April trip last week. Has this winter caused anyone to go west?
  18. gores95

    Is the Notch still open between Stowe and Smuggs?

    Just thought with the lack of abundant snowfall there was a chance of it still being open. Would be neat to take the shortcut between the two in winter...
  19. gores95

    How is Southern Vermont looking these days?

    Is it worth the 4 hour trip from NJ for a couple of days skiing? Thinking about Thurs/Friday with my daughter. I have one of those free Stratton lift tickets that I think can be used this week (anyone know for sure?) and have not skied there in years. I know the rep that Stratton has here but...
  20. gores95

    Is this the latest Mad River Glen has remained closed?

    Never having been there can any locals tell me the latest that MRG opened? Does anyone remember them closed for the Xmas-NYD time period? You know thinking about this crazy weather...it is scary when you see the climate changing before your very eyes. Normally climates change a degree or two...