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    Skiing on the Cheap - 2021 - 2022 Ski Season

    Because no one else started one here's the 2021-2022 Skiing on the Cheap thread, the best thread on Alpine Zone! So let's go give us your deals!!!!!
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    Looking for a Mount Snow season rental house for 2021-2022 season

    I'm looking for a reasonably prices season rental house or small condo for this ski season at Mount Snow. The place is for me and 2 kids (my wife probably wont come very much) so really only need a small condo with 2 or 3 beds and am hoping to not spend a fortune. If anyone has 1 to rent or...
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    Colorado ski discounts?

    I am going to Denver for 4 days in March and kind of got sticker shock at the cost of tickets out there. Anyone know of any good deals? I'm hoping to ski Vail for 2 or 3 days and maybe hit Copper (because I've never skied there). Any ideas of BOGO, coupons or lift ticket deals? Thanks!
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    New Jersey Meadowlands ski dome to open summer of 2017?

    Looks like this might finally be happening. The failed Xanadu mall has been renamed "American Dream". Snow Operating has been picked to run the indoor ski slope with the hopes of opening in 2017. The indoor slope is already built and has been sitting vacant and never used for about 8 years. If...
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    Office skiing! LOL!

    Mountain Creek has a sense of humor about the current Northeast conditions. Checkout their latest video: https://youtu.be/XrgemW0sAso It's hilarious!
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    Tuxedo Ridge wont open this year

    Tuxedo Ridge will not open for the 2015-2016 season. The closure was prompted by legal issues surrounding the property, which was once the site of the proposed Sterling Forest Resort casino. Though the state Gaming Commission did not pick Genting Americas to build a casino, the company...
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    Is it raining at Hunter today (Monday 1/23)

    I was planning on going to Hunter tomorrow and was wondering if the percipitation thats coming in today was falling as rain or snow at Hunter. From the look of the webcam it seems like its rain. Would love to get a report from someone up there to know if its worth the schlep tomorrow or if its...
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    Thunder Ridge this Saturday!

    After a winter living in Tahoe I am back on the East Coast and going to ski Thunder Ridge this weekend! (I am sure it will be nothing like Kirkwood.) A friend of mine has to write an article on the place (I'll post a link and give more info on this after he has written it and it has been...
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    Summer Skiing

    I this is a pretty good article about where to ski in the summer. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2001136/where_to_ski_and_snowboard_in_summer.html I've done late Colorado trips and Argentina. Never been to Hood, Chile or Austrilia though.
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    What did you win with Rossignol search and win promo?

    I know a lot of people on this board signed up and are using the Rossignol search and win site: Just wondering if anyone who is using this has won anything good. It's been around for almost a year now so points can add up. So far I got a pair of the Alias googles, a new pair of ski...
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    Skiing L'Estrie

    I am planning a trip up to Quebec to the Eastern Townships' (L'Estrie) in early Feb and was looking for some info on the place (I've never been). Was thinking of hitting up Owl's Head, Sutton and Bromont and wanted some advice on the place and maybe some info on ski deals if anyone knew of any.
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    23rd Annual New York City MS Bike Tour

    Is anyone else riding in the 23rd Annual New York City MS Bike Tour on Sunday October 14th? It's a great ride for a great cause. There are three routes: 30, 60 or 100 miles and ride traffic free around the FDR Drive in New York City and through the Lincoln Tunnel! If you want more info on the...
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    Anyone doing The Twin Lights Ride?

    Just wanted to see if anyone else was doing the BikeNYC Twin Lights ride this weekend in Highlands, NJ http://www.bikenewyork.org/rides/tlr/index.html I am taking the ferry there from Manhattan should be a fun day with great weather!
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    Hunter Big Lift Card?

    Does anyone know if Hunter is going to offer the Big Lift Card for 2007-2008? The Big Lift Card is usually a really good deal if you purchase it early and I was wondering if they were planning on offering it again this year.
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    Mountain Creek to turn South Mountian into Terrain Park

    From today's New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/17/sports/othersports/17ski.html?_r=1&oref=slogin Story is about Mountain Creek turning South Mountain into one giant terrain park and building new condos and lodge there.
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    Has Anyone Skied Cerro Castor?

    Has anyone skied Cerro Castor in Southern Argentina. It is a fairly new resort and just wanted to get someone's take on it. Trying to decide if I should go back to Bariloche or try something new. Would love to hear from someone whose been there. Thanks!
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    Who wants to buy a ski resort?

    If you got $6,000,000 burning a hole in your pocket Hidden Valley in Vernon, NJ can be all yours!!!! http://www.njherald.com/289172098413847.php
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    Ski Long Island?

    I saw this in newsday: http://www.newsday.com/business/local/ny-bzski0619,0,4110352.story?coll=ny-main-bigpix Do you think it will ever get built?
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    Killington Season Pass Price to be announced Monday June 18th?

    According to Kzone Killington will announce season pass prices on Monday June 18th. http://www.killingtonzone.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=17393 I just hope they keep the prices reasonable.
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    Killington Season Pass Prices to be released Mid-June

    I just saw this on the Killington website. 2007/2008 Season Pass Prices will be announced in mid-June. http://www.killington.com/index.html