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    Killington Ski Survey Email

    Killington sent me a link to take a survey via e-mail. Often I ignore these things, but I was bored so figured what the heck, let me fill it out. Apparently there's no proofreading being done when they send these things out as they've misspelled 2 resorts in the Northeast section alone (I didn't...
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    What happened to TK/STE Snowcast?

    I realized the other day that I hadn't seen any SkiTheEast Snowcasts this year with Tim Kelley. I always enjoyed watching those and listening to him talk about the weather pattern and upcoming storm potential. Anyone know what happened? I see he's still doing weather reports for Jay. However...
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    Camels Hump, VT - August 10, 2018

    I only happened to look in this forum now and saw WWF's report from 2015 on Camels Hump. I finally did the hike a few weeks ago and followed the same path WWF did, except in reverse. From Duxbury I hiked up to Camels Hump via Monroe to Dean to the Long Trail and then came back down via Monroe...
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    New STE/Spectral Video - Single Chair/ Single Run

    STE just posted a new Spectral video. http://www.skitheeast.net/spectral-13-single-chair-single-run/ Definitely some nice stoke material!
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    Sun Valley?

    Any thoughts or experiences skiing there? My cousin is thinking of planning a trip out west next year and this is where he's currently talking about going.