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    Favorite Classic "New England" Runs

    Name some of for favorites. I'm talking about anyone with a trail map can ski it type of runs. I plan on posting multiple times because I know I'll miss so many. Some of my favorites: Muleskinner - Saddleback Wildcat- Wildcat Winter's Way - Sugarloaf Hardscrabble - Cannon Fis - Sugarbush North...
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    Which of these is like the other?

    I've thought about starting a thread like this for a few days so we can discuss/debate something other than politics. Then, it sorta came up in the Saddleback thread... Almost all of us have some blind spots in our lists of eastern ski areas we've visited. It's impossible to know exactly how a...
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    Mont Sainte Anne to Build a new High Speed Quad

    FYI. It looks like Mont Sainte Anne is replacing the 5200 foot (1700 foot vertical) triple chair in its expert area on the south face with a high speed quad. This was one of my favorite trail sectors in the east even with the ~12 minute triple chair ride, as it offers a blend of some of the...
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    Where to Ski This Friday

    I'm looking to day trip to a place I've never been before within ~2.5 hours of the Mount Washington Valley. I've narrowed my sights on the following areas: Mad River Glen Smuggler's Notch Owls Head Saddleback Out of this list, which ones are skiing the best / should hold up the best between...
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    Mount Washington East Snowfields 5/24

    Date Skied: 5/24/12 Ski Area: East Snowfields- Mount Washington Conditions: Wet. Sunny. About 60 degrees. Trip Report: After reading Snowmonster's thread from a few days earlier, I decided to take the drive up to the top of Mt. Washington to do some exploring. I got a little lost...
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    Cannon: Observations, Questions

    I made my first trip to Cannon today in the last 10-11 years and wanted to comment on how the place seemed to be running; hopefully frequent Cannon visitors can help me understand some things about the place more thoroughly, too. Cannon's terrain is probably the best in New Hampshire, with...
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    Northeast Region Statistics

    So I had a slow week last week and decided to do some research and make some lists of ski area statistics that I liked thought were somewhat relevant for comparison. Granted, much of this stuff won't matter for a whole host of reasons that cannot easily be put into an excel spreadsheet. I...
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    How to Upload an Excel Spreadsheet

    Are there any tutorials on this forum about uploading spreadsheets? Thanks.