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  1. kickstand

    Balsams Grand Resort teams up with ski industry legend Les Otten

    In North Conway, is all the concrete on the east side of North-South Rd, down towards Lowe's, the remnants of the old air field that used to be in that general area? I seem to remember that from when I was a little kid, but nothing specific.
  2. kickstand

    Electric Cars/Trucks and winter weather testing with results. What do you think? Who has taken one in Freezing cold long distance to a Ski mountain?

    We didn't run into issues with the Tesla chargers, but we did have once where all the regular chargers were occupied in the garage we went to. That led to us finding another garage, trying to get it to work, having lots of problems, calling tech support, they didn't speak English (our French is...
  3. kickstand

    Electric Cars/Trucks and winter weather testing with results. What do you think? Who has taken one in Freezing cold long distance to a Ski mountain?

    This past summer we went to France for a week. We stayed in Paris, but spent 2 nights in Strasbourg. When my wife rented a car, she did it online thru a 3rd party (Expedia or something) and rented a "class" of car, thinking we would get a BMW or Audi, maybe. We got a Tesla. At first, we were...
  4. kickstand


    No idea. The info online says something about the Alpine Club. I'm assuming that's what you're referring to, but there's zero info about it.
  5. kickstand


    Bretton Woods has this, cleverly called The Bretton Woods Club. I've only ever seen old dudes reeking of money with it. There's an application for it online. For a single skier, it's $4300, almost $6700 for a couple. Tack on a few hundred more per dependent.
  6. kickstand

    Shawnee Peak Maine acquired by Boyne

    I had/had a pin advertising the alpine slides at Pleasant Mountain. Probably from the early 80s. If I still have it I'll post a pic.
  7. kickstand

    Demos for Dummies (try before you buy in NE)

    Because I was interested in some Elan's, I did the demo at Gunstock last season. Not sure how that's gonna work out this year, but if it does, it's a good deal, assuming you're interested in the brands they have. I skied 1 model each of Elan, Head and Armada. I think it was $30 for the day...
  8. kickstand

    More FIS WC action in the US for 22-23!

    Cannon hosted in 1967. Punch any variation of "cannon mountain world cup course 1967" into the Google Machine and you'll get lots of good info.
  9. kickstand

    Wildcat Attitash A Question

    So, just stream of consciousness here. I haven't been a true regular at Attitash since we sold our place in 2015, so I'm sure some of what I'm going to say is outdated. Ptarmigans seemed to be the more happening bar. I always thought it was because of the size. I don't think they ever really...
  10. kickstand

    Booting Up in Lodges and Bag Storage Updates

    In the few times I've had to eat at a table where people have left their crap under the table, I've made it a point to rest my feet on top of said crap. I can be an asshole, too.
  11. kickstand

    North Conway ski shop intel?

    Stan and Dan's for sure. Sport Thoma would be next choice. Andes is much more of a rental shop on the way to Attitash. Can't see them servicing racers.
  12. kickstand


    I know this is stupid and completely unrelated, but I love that the guy who wrote the hot dog story has the last name Hamburger.
  13. kickstand

    Seasonal Rentals in NH - 93 Side

    If you plan to ski BW and Cannon, check out seasonal rentals in Twin Mountain. It's between the 2 (closer to BW) and it is a small town. You won't have all the restaurants and amenities of a North Conway, but it's better than being in the middle of nowhere.
  14. kickstand

    12/25/2019: A very merry Christmas at Attitash

    https://www.newenglandskihistory.com/NewHampshire/attitash.php "The original Old Reliable double chairlift was finally retired following the 1997-98 season. In its place, the Flying Yankee Express high speed quad was installed. Its relatively short length could be attributed to the private...
  15. kickstand

    12/25/2019: A very merry Christmas at Attitash

    The upper half of the mountain is on forest service land. The permits are a pain in the rear to get to upgrade the summit triple. Won't happen any time soon. And to be honest, I enjoy the slow trip up. Plenty of time to recover and lots of time for conversation.
  16. kickstand

    Lost envelope at Stowe

    In the biggest sigh of relief I've ever taken, I was the dumbass here. I thought I dropped it when I had to empty the glove compartment at the mountain. Turns out it never made it to Stowe, I left it in my truck in MA - unlocked - when I went to grab my iPod connector. It was a pleasant...
  17. kickstand

    North Conway Restaurants

    No love for Tuckerman's Tavern or the Red Fox? Moat is our usual place, but Tucks and the Fox are the others we rotate in. We did hit the Parka last time we were up, though, just for a change. It's getting expensive. If you're looking for brews and apps, it's fine, but skip it for dinner.
  18. kickstand

    Lost envelope at Stowe

    Already checked at guest services. If the bartenders have it, it's in the form of a kickass tip after rounds for the entire Den.
  19. kickstand

    Traditional Camber vs Rocker - What to expect

    I just got the Brahmas (173) and was able to really push them for the first time this weekend. It took a few runs to really figure them out, but I found if you tried to surf them, they'd overpower you. I really had to push them and stay forward. The second I let up the skis would control me...