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  1. kickstand

    Lost envelope at Stowe

    Absolute long shot here but I need to ask. I'm pretty sure I lost a cash envelope at the drop off area in front of Mansfield at Stowe yesterday. It had quite a bit of cash in it and the envelope may have had Salem Five bank logo on it. I was hoping someone turned it in at the mountain but no...
  2. kickstand

    demo day etiquette

    Ramp Sports had a demo day at Attitash this past Saturday. I was really looking forward to trying some of their skis, since they're a smaller operation, not really in many stores and their sticks are wider than what I've been skiing. There were 2 models I was hoping to try, but it seems as...
  3. kickstand

    Vail Resorts acquires Kirkwood

    This opens up some interesting options in the Tahoe area http://www.summitdaily.com/article/20120222/NEWS/120229960/1078&ParentProfile=1055
  4. kickstand

    Deadly crash at Copper

    a Wellesley, MA teen was the unfortunate victim: http://www.boston.com/yourtown/news/wellesley/2012/02/wellesley_teen_dies_while_skii.html
  5. kickstand

    Deck builders in North Conway

    I desperately need to replace the deck on my place in North Conway. Was wondering if anyone on here has ever used a builder/contractor up in the area for this kind of construction or know of anyone who did some solid work for a friend. My neighbor is a builder, but I haven't seen him in a...
  6. kickstand

    FireFox and AlpineZone

    I'm having toruble logging in to the Forums using FireFox 1.0.7. It seems to remember my username and password, but every time I click the login button, it doesn't log me in. Any thoughts? Maybe a security setting I need to alter?