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  1. BenedictGomez

    Best (or better) ski schools for toddlers to learn in PA, NY, or S.VT

    Curious given the significant experience on this board up & down the east coast where some of the best places are to teach little ones? I spent a number of years working at a well-regarded ski school so I take this subject pretty seriously & realize it can really be a make or break deal...
  2. BenedictGomez

    This storm + L.E.S. event may have saved the n.VT (and elsewhere) season

    This snuck up on us. It's like when your favorite hockey or basketball team is treading .500, and you go away on vacation or business a few weeks & they rattle off 10 games in a row to be back in playoff contention. This 28"'ish storm put us from a 10" below-average season, to a 18" above...
  3. BenedictGomez

    Skiers are 43% more likely to crash after drinking alcohol

    Insurance company runs test & finds skiers 43% more likely to crash after boozing. https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/ski-holiday-injuries-drinking-alcohol-slopes-british-insurance-a9232156.html
  4. BenedictGomez

    The History of the Ticket Wicket

    This is one of those things I've wondered about many times, so I thought this article was interesting enough to post. https://snowbrains.com/the-ticket-wicket-do-you-wicket-your-ticket/?fbclid=IwAR2QMyZjumjn08zE9-oY_bXF6nq0y3Sl_fy4Opu6CUUK8YZgrb1PV3CcQwM
  5. BenedictGomez

    This (broken) website

    Does anyone know why this website goes down every other day & remains down for hours? I'd PM Nick & ask, but I'm pretty sure he now lives on some remote Pacific island with no internet connection.
  6. BenedictGomez

    Hey Vail, Please Don't Buy Smugglers Notch Resort (or, Houston, We Have A Stalker)

    I find it odd a handful of us are having this conversation last week, and this article drops this morning. I think we have an U.N. lurker. Hey Vail, Please Don't Buy Smugglers Notch Resort - September 9, 2018...
  7. BenedictGomez

    Polish dude (with obvious death wish) becomes first person to successfully ski K2

    I don't think I'll ever use the term, "no fall zone" so cavalierly, ever again. https://www.powder.com/stories/news/polish-skier-makes-first-successful-descent-of-k2/
  8. BenedictGomez

    Ski vises

    This might be so niche is gets no replies, but does anyone have experience with multiple brands of ski vises? Looking for recommendations, as there's very little available on-line, and most of what I can find are obviously (in actuality) advertisements disguised as reviews.
  9. BenedictGomez

    Universal versus temperature specific ski wax (how much difference)

    I'm wondering if there's really a major recreational difference between a universal ski wax you'd use from say.... 5 degrees to 35 degrees temperature, versus the performance you'd get using a temperature specific wax in 3-13 degree, 14-24 degree , 25-35 degree ranges? Of course I know for ski...
  10. BenedictGomez

    David Poisson killed in downhill training accident

    Very sad. A reminder of how dangerous downhill racing and those high speeds can be. :( David Poisson, French Olympic skier, dies in training accident aged 35 https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2017/nov/13/david-poisson-french-olympic-skier-dies-in-training-accident-aged-35
  11. BenedictGomez

    Bali volcano eruption thought imminent

    Looks like we may get a big one. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/sep/26/bali-volcano-eruption-seismic-activity-mount-agung?CMP=share_btn_tw
  12. BenedictGomez

    From Denver to Vail in 9 minutes

    Denver was selected as one of the 10 Hyperloop route winners from > hundreds of entrants. Part of the system would include a Denver to Vail spoke which would take only 9 minutes. https://hyperloop-one.com/global-challenge
  13. BenedictGomez

    Why arent they all "demo" bindings?

    So as I'm frequently inclined to do in the off-season, I bought another pair of used skis cheaply yesterday. These are from the 2016 demo fleet, and it got me thinking, why aren't all bindings (except specialized or high-end racing) mounted on demo rails? I've been on many pairs of skis over...
  14. BenedictGomez

    Eagle/Summit County Colorado ski area choices, etc?

    I'm breaking one of my ski vacation commandants, which is, "thou shalt not book a trip outside of 1 month", due to the fact that I procured a mid-April week of insanely cheap lodging in the Vail Village. Hopefully this doesn't come back to bite me in the posterior. I'll be able to get 6 days...
  15. BenedictGomez

    Death @ Stowe on Tuesday likely from snow immersion

    This sad story serves as a reminder to stay close to your tree-skiing buddies when the woods get deep. RIP. http://www.wcax.com/story/34514292/snowboarding-death-illustrates-dangers-of-deep-snow
  16. BenedictGomez

    Problems with AlpineZone posting?

    Is anyone else having problems typing, posting, editing? About a week ago this started on multiple computers I use whereby the typing is slow and lagging, editing posts may or may not work, copy/paste may or may not work, etc..... A whole host of problems.
  17. BenedictGomez

    2016-2017 Ski Voucher and BOGO thread

    Many AZ'ers have vouchers, lift tickets, BOGOs, etc. that they either cant or wont use during the course of the season. This is a ticket swap thread, so it shouldn't get cluttered with tons of posts like the "Skiing on the Cheap" thread does. Please make sure to list ALL restrictions...
  18. BenedictGomez

    War-Themed Ski Resort to open in Russia

    A war themed ski resort aimed at instilling a sense of pride in war for Russian youth? Gives new meaning to bombing a mogul field. I dont know how closely folks have paid attention to Russian domestic exploits and rising nationalism over the last 4 or 5 years, but they're starting to scare the...
  19. BenedictGomez

    The Best Vertical Vs Time Riding Lifts Ratios in North America

    TOP 30 VERTICAL DROP TO LIFT TIME RATIOS: 1. Revelstoke, B.C. 2. Snowbird, UT 3. Jackson Hole, WY 4. Beaver Creek, CO 5. Sun Valley, ID 6. Mt. Rose, NV 7. Whistler, B.C. 8. Stowe, VT 9. Keystone, CO 10. Steamboat, CO 11. Snowmass, CO 12. Hunter Mountain, NY 13. Loon...
  20. BenedictGomez

    Best West Coast conditions (February 2016)?

    Throwing in the towel on EC conditions and thinking about planning a week-long trip out west next month. Location decision would be based 90% on conditions and 10% on ease of flight availability/airfare cost. So the choice is primarily on current snow quality, but I don't follow West Coast...