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  1. Edd

    Does it always piss hot rain right before or on Christmas in eastern ski country or does if just seem that way?

    Gunstock got 3-4 and skiing nicely. A bit warmer here so ice impact minimized.
  2. Edd

    High Priced Lift Tickets

    Vail visits are up because it’s cheap. And that’s great, for some people. If you’re a Wildcat homer, it hasn’t been great, though I can’t speak for this season. Last year it was horrendous from an operations standpoint, and the whole vibe of the place was apocalyptic. Sunapee also suffered in...
  3. Edd

    Full-day lessons only?

    Those rates, which I agree are too high, make me think of this thread. https://forums.alpinezone.com/threads/guerilla-ski-instruction.143650/
  4. Edd

    Maine Trip 1/23-1/26/33

    Makes sense. It should be just beyond a patch of trees skiers left of Grey Ghost.
  5. Edd

    Maine Trip 1/23-1/26/33

    Have you noticed what’s up with the new mid-mountain lodge at the top of the HSQ? Haven’t noticed anything on social media about it so guessing it’s not open yet?
  6. Edd

    The Saddleback Thread

    Professor, Peachy’s Peril, and Jane Craig are usually fun that way. I can’t think of any proper zipper line type runs.
  7. Edd

    Different weather and winter specific forecasting Websites, Apps & Maps. What are you using?

    For apps, the stock Weather app on iOS has significantly improved as a result of Apple purchasing Dark Sky. There's just sooo much more information now. Prior to this, that app was close to useless.
  8. Edd

    Mont-Sainte-Anne gondola incident

    I see MSA has 39/71 trails open now. Does anyone know if this is because the gondola is still down? Actually thinking about a trip there first week of April.
  9. Edd


    Keep wanting to take my wife to Whistler some season. Really going to have to pick my moment. No idea when this footage occurred. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CnhbzxNDSkZ/?igshid=ZDFmNTE4Nzc=
  10. Edd


    Separate thread is my suggestion.
  11. Edd

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Aren’t you retired?
  12. Edd

    Alterra Buys 15th Ski Resort: Snow Valley, CA

    Can you elaborate? Lost me here.
  13. Edd

    Cheapest way to ski at Mt. Sunapee on a Saturday?

    Not super relevant, but Gunstock skied like an absolute dream today, way better than I expected. They left quite a bit ungroomed. I imagine they’ll sell out all weekend with the new snow, but they keep ticket sales in check. I forgot what skiing snow felt like. I cannot wait for Utah in 10 days...
  14. Edd

    Alterra Buys 15th Ski Resort: Snow Valley, CA

    If they really have > $1B in cash, is that even close to happening? God, I wish they’d sell the NH areas.
  15. Edd

    Sugarloaf West Mtn Expansion and HSQ officially a go

    Pretty sure Saddleback base elevation is significantly higher.
  16. Edd

    Cheapest way to ski at Mt. Sunapee on a Saturday?

    I marginally prefer the way Sunapee flows and skis to Gunstock but I’ve grown fond of Gunstock over the years. Otherwise I agree with everything said here. If you’re a weekend skier, Gunstock will be a better experience.
  17. Edd

    Sad day at Gunstock

    You're pretty much correct.
  18. Edd

    Indy Ski Pass

    Just arrived at Pat’s for the first time. Nice setup. Looks to be a good day.