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  1. Mapnut

    Ski New England Bitch thread

    If its elevation was higher it would be too windy! It's too windy anyway.
  2. Mapnut

    Strava heatmap

    Regarding Hawk's security concerns, PBS News Hour had a story Monday (?) night; I don't recall the name of the technology but it might have been Strava. A security expert was able to look up US overseas military bases and get traces of where soldiers had been jogging, presumably, around and...
  3. Mapnut

    Belleayre Opens Gondola Today

    13,000 can't be right though. Cable length? Excuse me, I see this was corrected to 6,500 feet in the original.
  4. Mapnut

    Belleayre Short Lift Lines

    I've only skied Belleayre on weekends and have seen significant lines on the Superchief and Tomahawk. I'm not sure that the day there were lines on Tomahawk wasn't because Superchief was out of service. I remember being annoyed that skiers lining up for Tomahawk were very bad about filling all...
  5. Mapnut

    Volcano eruption near Japanese ski resort injures many

    All accounts I've seen stated that one of the soldiers was killed.
  6. Mapnut

    Tuckerman Carnage

    Good luck getting volunteers!
  7. Mapnut

    Belleayre 1-11-18: new gondi and soft snow

    How was the new trail below the bridge, back to the gondola? Pretty flat? I'd be disappointed if Dot Nebel and such trails were open but the Tomahawk chair wasn't running and I had to ski down to the gondola.
  8. Mapnut

    Holiday week bust???

    Just checked the Belleayre webcam and the gondola is running, though slower than normal. I didn't see anyone skiing. All this week it looked like they were sending gondola cars up empty.
  9. Mapnut

    Belleayre Opens Gondola Today

    Right Jim, I've only parked at Discovery once, when the Overlook lot was full and I had to turn around. The lodge was a zoo - I only went inside to pee and it took me several minutes to get to the restroom, shuffling past the crowd lining up for rentals!
  10. Mapnut

    Belleayre Opens Gondola Today

    Slight problem with using the gondola as an access lift from the Discovery base: it's not very convenient for beginners and lower intermediates to get to the east side of the mountain and the Overlook Lodge. Only 2 choices: skate half a mile on the very, very flat Route 9 to the Roaring Brook...
  11. Mapnut

    Bretton Woods to install Gondola

    BW's gondola will have about 100 feet more than the new gondola at Belleayre. http://www.belleayre.com/the-mountain/webcam-feed
  12. Mapnut

    Times you've skied in sketch conditions

    Back around 1970 my brother and I went to Sugarloaf after a major ice storm. There were no internet condition updates in those days and we were hoping that Sugarloaf had got snow. Nope. When we got there the entire mountain was closed! They told us Saddleback had managed to open two trails, so...
  13. Mapnut

    Berkshire East Northface expansion video

    Yeah, I can't imagine any improvement to Big Chief, unless it's for drainage. Mohawk, yes, could use some improvement to its fall lines.
  14. Mapnut

    Is Powder Magazine any good these days?

    Right, how can our snow instantly turn to frozen granular as it hits the ground?
  15. Mapnut

    Hunter Mtn Expansion Details

    There's still 1,000 vertical feet. But it looks like it will be steepish intermediate terrain.
  16. Mapnut

    Summer 2017 Resort Upgrades

    Or, as an even better way to access Ridge, the Sundance trails and Carinthia,they could run the Sundance chair more often.
  17. Mapnut

    Summer 2017 Resort Upgrades

    West Mountain, NY is widening and restoring a seldom-open expert trail, The Cure. Lots of photos on Facebook.
  18. Mapnut

    From Denver to Vail in 9 minutes

    Wait a minute. Accelerating and decelerating to go from Denver to Vail in 9 minutes - How many g-forces is that? I get roughly 23 Gs? And you have to experience it twice, speeding up and slowing down. How many Gs were there in an Apollo rocket launch?
  19. Mapnut

    Tenney? Hello? Is this thing on?

    Might someone be holding that domain name hostage? In other words, this is so embarrassing, pay us money and we'll take it down.