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  1. reefer

    The good old days

    That last one can't be III? Anyway Nick ran a few of these pretty well I might add. Here's another line-up
  2. reefer

    The good old days

    a whoops...... and a classic crew........ From Sugarloaf III, whatever year that was
  3. reefer

    The NEW Magic Mountain

    in the bar. there is light snizzle/drizle. agree on this w/e seems to be it.
  4. reefer

    The NEW Magic Mountain

    I'm in a long trail sweatshirt. no hat or helmet. shades.
  5. reefer

    The NEW Magic Mountain

    I would go tomorrow. luckily the sun stayed in until now but it is poking out and warming up. skiing on what's open is great! maybe 25 people skiing. nice touch on the ice wall! took some effort. could see that from bromley!
  6. reefer

    2022-01-17 Berkshire East Powder Day

    Doesn't get much better than that over there! Good call. Nice pics.
  7. reefer

    Magic 3/12/21

    wrong place, can this be moved to trip reports?
  8. reefer

    Magic 3/12/21

    Not gonna get into what a great day it was. Lost very little if any snow today. Still a good base on most of the hill. Some pics to see and plan accordingly. You can see there is plenty of snow still in the valley. I'll try and edit them later with some captions. Too bad Wednesday-Friday wasn't...
  9. reefer

    Saddleback Maine

    nice pics! still looks like sugarloaf. which is a good thing!
  10. reefer

    The NEW Magic Mountain

    at magic. just softening up. adventure skiing on tali. base isn't going anywhere but things will likely be frozen. ugh.
  11. reefer

    BEast 3/10/2021

    Still a real good solid base. Should be good the next couple days.
  12. beast3.jpg


  13. beast2.jpg


  14. beast1.jpg


  15. reefer

    The dreaded spring time change

    I like the time shift, no need to rush to the hill. Do agree for later lift hours. Was at Berkshire East today and same as Machski, things got good at 1:00 which would be 2:00 next week.
  16. reefer

    Saddleback Maine

    Jealous. Looks a lot like the Loaf.
  17. reefer

    Haystack 2/25/21 - The infiltration of the Hermitage Club

    There is a mid-mountain lodge. It was closed. It looks pretty new and was under the impression it is. Was told it is off the hook complete with sunkin' bar. Looks like a mini base lodge from the outside. Pic with Mount Monadnock in the distance. The other side was shoveled out and was the main...
  18. 20210225_140716.jpg


  19. reefer

    Haystack 2/25/21 - The infiltration of the Hermitage Club

    Definitely good times. Thanks. Don't rush your life away..........
  20. reefer

    Who's buying their 21/22 pass early?

    Probably wait til next year only because I have a major project that may limit me again next year. After that my work career is over and it's all play. I will have to make a decision. Probably Indy or Epic. Like many here, I have always been a "skiing on the cheap" fanatic which has pretty much...