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  1. KD7000

    Mount Sunapee Expansion?

    I'm all for the expansion, because I'm going to cave and buy Epic passes next season. And likely the year after that, too. Would be nice to rotate Sunapee, Okemo and Stowe for regular days.
  2. KD7000

    Kickstarter Project for Book on James Niehues' Work

    I think your first suggestion is likely. I still don't think pure profit was the motivator, but we can disagree. In either case, they're going to have to go to a mass publisher now, as their funding is approaching $250,000. :o
  3. KD7000

    Kickstarter Project for Book on James Niehues' Work

    You're totally missing how most kickstarter funded projects work. You need capital to produce something. Kickstarter raises the capital, allowing the book to be printed, distributed, and eventually sold for some lower amount. When you support a kickstarter project, it's not an investment as...
  4. KD7000


    True, $75 seems like a steep price for an unproven product. I guess you could consider part of the ticket price a donation towards the rebuild costs? Also, they're absolutely giving away seasons passes at $389 right now.
  5. KD7000

    Is powder/tree skiing in the east overrated?

    Goofing around in the trees with my daughter last season was a ridiculous amount of fun. Take a break from the busy trails, listen to the quietness. I suck at it but absolutely love it.
  6. KD7000

    Your 2017/2018 Season Thread

    I will have 0.0 days this season, unless I go out tomorrow. I'm sacrificing this winter to long-overdue knee surgery.
  7. KD7000

    sugarloaf thread

    Brackett had an absolute crapton of snow last weekend. Caught it just as everything was getting slushy.
  8. KD7000

    Vail to buy Stowe?

    Who are "these people" ?
  9. KD7000

    Vail to buy Stowe?

    If I'm with my family, I'd much rather park in a lower lot and get a bus up that drops me right at Spruce, rather than have to haul all my crap over the silly transfer gondola.
  10. KD7000

    Waterville tomorrow - Super Bowl Sunday - how busy?

    For future info: it was a little busy the first time getting on to the lower lift. Then it was ski-on all day. It was a ghost town by noon. Fun place when the snow is good, which it was. Given that I had a comp pass and my daughter's ticket was only $15, it's was the cheapest day of skiing...
  11. KD7000

    Long time skier who wants to try Snowboarding

    Meh. It may not be your thing, but it's hardly a step backwards. It's a super fun alternative way to slide down the hill. Also, keep in mind- back in ye olden days when I first learned to board, skis were still rocking ~65mm waists. So having all that width under you in a decent amount of...
  12. KD7000

    Waterville tomorrow - Super Bowl Sunday - how busy?

    I have a pass to burn at Waterville, and I'm running out of potential days to use it up. Tomorrow seems good as it will be an early end anyway, no matter where I go. How stupid will Sunday be? I'm ok with moderate crowds, but not interested if it's gonna be complete insanity. Is this plan...
  13. KD7000

    let's talk about off map and sidecountry skiing at stowe...

    Any time someone mentions Kitchen Wall, that's my immediate first thought.
  14. KD7000

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Thanks! Mt. Ellen was just so much fun last weekend. The snow above the "frost" line was remarkable. And I edited my post above, that shot of the woods was off the Inverness lift. Either Semi-Tough or Brambles. Both had extraordinarily good snow. Tracked out in some spots but the coverage...
  15. KD7000

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Goofing around in the woods off Inverness lift. Either Semi-tough or Brambles, can't remember which. Sooooo much good snow in the woods.
  16. KD7000

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Last weekend...
  17. KD7000

    Chinstrap Goggle vs Tin Foil Jacket/Pant Combo

    Inexplicable and un-justifiable. Sent from my XT1585 using AlpineZone mobile app
  18. KD7000

    Chinstrap Goggle vs Tin Foil Jacket/Pant Combo

    Chinstrap seems like a temporary issue. Unless he was actually skiing that way? Space blanket outfit is an all-day commitment!
  19. KD7000

    Where are you skiing today!

    I'll be up there tomorrow with my daughter. Never been, but everything looks outstanding. Since there is shit-all worth going to in my usual 2-hour daytrip target, we're gonna drive up to White River Junction tonight.