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  1. speden

    Electric Cars/Trucks and winter weather testing with results. What do you think? Who has taken one in Freezing cold long distance to a Ski mountain?

    The current crop of EVs seem best for commuter cars, and I'd guess we're still 3 to 5 years away from electric cars being good road trip cars. My ideal EV ski car would be capable of level 3 or higher autonomous driving, and have 400 miles of range in cold weather. If DC fast chargers become...
  2. speden

    Gunstock NH Master Plan: 31 New Trails, 4 New Lifts

    I used to ski Gunstock quite a bit so I wish them well. They were often pretty crowded so I think they could use some extra capacity even if some of the new terrain won't be that exciting. I remember a couple of trail chokepoints that could get nasty on busy days.
  3. speden

    Cannon Lover's Thread

    Nice, I hope to get up there soon. Probably gonna be a little bit icy after today's rain followed by some low temps.
  4. speden

    Bretton Woods - 11/26/21 Opening Day

    I think it's just fog. I don't know of any big lake over there
  5. speden

    Bretton Woods - 11/26/21 Opening Day

    The gondola is great. The cabins are spacious and comfortable. I was up there last Thursday and it was a drizzly day, and the gondola was a dry refuge between runs. There were hardly any people there that day, so they only put about half of the gondola cabins on the line, and it was still ski on...
  6. speden

    Bretton Woods - 11/26/21 Opening Day

    According to their snow report, Bretton got six to eight inches of snow last night. Not enough to open more trails yet, but good things are happening! Let's fill in those glades please. The upcoming weather looks like there will be lots of good snowmaking windows. They aren't always that...
  7. speden

    Y'all are lucky

    I wish the weather had been a little colder in the northeast this November. I feel like things are starting a little late, but I'm optimistic December could be good. I worry about Utah losing the lake effect snow from the Great Salt Lake drying up, but maybe that's overblown.
  8. speden

    Covid Vaccine

    I also had a much stronger reaction to the booster than the first two shots. My shoulder got really tender for a couple of days and I had a mild headache. I figure it was because my first two shots were Pfizer and I went with Moderna for the booster. It seems like Moderna has a higher dose of...
  9. speden

    Bretton Woods - 11/26/21 Opening Day

    Bretton did a good job with their opening day. They had two trails top to bottom with surprisingly deep coverage. They must have had a decent snowmaking window since it looked to me like a two foot base or more in most places. They didn't get the trails to full width, but it was fine for day...
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  14. speden


    Is that new Kancamagus 8 seater lift finished now? I'm wondering if those trails can handle the extra traffic. It was often pretty congested at the top just with the old quad.
  15. speden


    No opening date yet for Bretton Woods, but they say they are making snow on four trails, and the trails they've picked make me think initially they will be using the gondola as the first open lift. I hope they are able to open before turkey day. I've been lamenting that their webcam has been...
  16. speden

    Forget Snow: Alta is for $$$$$

    Who needs soap operas when we've got AZ. This plot is complicated
  17. speden

    Covid Vaccine

    I'm not sure the boosters will be a yearly thing. The antiviral pills that are about to be approved could change things quite a bit. The data so far shows the pills are highly effective if taken early. So that means anti-vaxxers can get bailed out if they get sick, and for the vaccinated you'll...
  18. speden

    Covid Vaccine

    With ski season closing in and covid rates ticking up again in the northeast, I went and got the booster this afternoon. My original shots were Pfizer, so I switched it up and got Moderna for the booster. It seems that Moderna gives a little bit better protection than Pfizer. Bretton Woods...
  19. speden

    Your 2021 / 2022 Ski Season Thread

    Well after taking last season mostly off for the year that never was, I weighed my options and decided I'm in for this season. May the snow gods of the northeast smile upon us. It rained like hell all summer, so hopefully the precip will continue and temperatures will drop soon. I'm kind of...
  20. speden

    Covid Vaccine

    It seems like you're trying to argue that the vaccines are a failure and pointless, but that's absurd. The death rate has plummeted since the vaccines became widely available. My mother lives in a memory care facility and has several underlying conditions that put her at high risk. She got...