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    Waterville valley for mlk?

    I am wondering about an Indy day there on Sunday or Monday. I know the “popular“ response on this group is “don’t ski weekends or holidays“ but between school, jobs and non-skiing sports competition schedule there are few options left for us. Thinking Monday may be quieter than the weekend.
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    Older Senior wants to get back into skiing

    I was also thinking just choose a really really easy slope on a good weather quiet day. The beginner area at Wchussetts has a nice express lift (easy to get on and off) is very wide and consistent gradient the whole way down so the depth perception shouldn’t be such an issue. While chaos at...
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    The Turles are growing

    After the rain storm/freeze, when several of the lifts had a layer of ice on the chairs I wished I had one of those for some insulation.
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    Today at Okemo there was no sucking. Great effort to de ice lifts and get most things open by lunch time and all scheduled lifts by later in the day. No crowds, no lines and all things considered the runs were in better than expected conditions. You would not want to wipe out and fall as very...
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    Does it always piss hot rain right before or on Christmas in eastern ski country or does if just seem that way?

    We will be in Okemo for Christmas as well. Ice and low temperature combined wiht Christmas Day should be quiet. Can‘t cancel, kids have school so can only ski holidays and weekend. So if the weathers bad we just suck it up and ski. Rather bad weather/conditions and no lines to great conditions...
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    But that’s a lot of extra ski passes you have to buy. Do you really buy Pats, Ragged and a New England pass in one year?
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    Tenney Mountain

    They are also saying they will have snow tubing, night skiing and offering guided snowshoe hikes. Never heard of walking before you can run I guess! The no passes sort of makes sense. They may have to refund if they cant open enough days. I’m not in marketing but maybe they have to go really...
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    Tenney Mountain

    They now have a web site up and running. http://skitenney.com lots of Facebook posts about redecorating the lodge and new snow making equipment arriving. But not clear if any staff to run it, and maybe most important whether the old lifts pass inspection. But fingers crossed for them.
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    So we went today. More staff there than skiers! Only one run from top, but at least they made the effort to have a carpet in the beginner area set up. I am hopeful the staffing issues will be better this year. Certainly lots of staff today for training etc. Summit lodge is open for hot food...
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    Excessive crowds on the Modern day Ski mountain. Lift lines, Traffic lines & Parking issues. What, Where and When is the worst you have been through??

    There was a Saturday at Sunapee last season where they had been expecting snow on a Friday night but ended up getting an ice rain storm instead. Both express lifts did not run all day due to icing, all of Boston had driven up for the day expecting powder and there were hour wait for the triple...
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    Did anyone go to Sunapee today for opening day? Hoping to go Sunday . Meant to rain, but ok if it puts people off. Just need to get one run done so I can say I skied in November.
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    Indy Ski Pass

    So we were also able to. They replied to the information with a phone number to call. And it looks like we only paid the difference between the limited switch and the cost of the switch at the time we bought it. As that’s no longer advertised I assumed we’d have to pay the difference to the...
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    Indy Ski Pass

    Has anyone Upgraded their pass after they purchased it by paying the difference? I bought the regular pass (actually the switch pass) but now am thinking all the blackouts are a bit too much and perhaps it’s worth having the full pass. The web site says ”no refunds, no transfers” but I think...
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    we did a day at Cranmore this summer, it was jam packed. Adults hated it but kids loved it. They were short staffed. The rides at Attitash look so much better than the offerings at Cranmore, I can’t believe it wouldn’t make money. So many families spend time in the White Mountains in summer. We...
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    What happened to the Sunapee expansion plans? Their busiest resort in NH and (for better or worse) the one most likely to be frequent by people who will spend money at their western resorts as well. I am worried about Sunapee next season. For the other 3 resorts you could say “if all the lifts...
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    OK, serious question.…..Is that offer for anyone or just if you are an owner in a comparable property somewhere. I just looked at the Attitash Mountain Village resort site and did not see that sort of offer. I’d honestly do a few days in summer for that price! Some of our outstanding 4000’ hikes...
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    Indy Ski Pass

    We bought switch passes today (apparently prices go up after tomorrow). We will still buy Epic Local as well, but hopefully this gives us a few other options. Couldn’t quite bring myself to go for the “plus” option so have to see how painful the blackouts are to work around (kids in school so...
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    Rating Your 2021-2022 Season (or So Far....)

    We achieved our goal of skiing 6 months of the year from November to April. Mostly all on Epic Local pass. Thanksgiving 2 days at My Snow, cold, wIndy, crowded, mostly icy, we had a great time. Christmas, 2 days at Hunter, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so no crowds. Rained both days meaning...
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    22/23 Passes

    Ikon is cheaper for kids and there is a 100 further discount for a kids pass buying at the same time as an adult pass. So if you are adding kids they almost end up the same. For a family of 4 with 2 kids under 12 I came up with the following Epic Local 1902 Ikon Base 1936 New England Silver...
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    14-18 APR 2022, Easter visit to Mammoth Mtn, CA

    Sounds like all three of us who went west for our late season trips had a good time! But really, there is no such thing as a bad ski trip.