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  1. Alex.moon

    Ghost trains of the Allagash

    Really interesting trip! I've never heard about the ghost train as well. I guess it is impossible to start the train's engine now. Usually, when I go hiking I take light equipment such as a tent or a sleeping bag. I also to take a backpacking chair with me. I like to look at beautiful views and...
  2. Alex.moon

    Loon 2/9/22

    Hope you are good now
  3. Alex.moon

    Your 2021 / 2022 Ski Season Thread

    1) 05/12 ABasin 2) 19/12 Killington 3) 01/09 Hunter 4) 01/17 Hunter 5) 28/01 Killington 6) 18/02 Killington
  4. Alex.moon

    Olympic hockey

  5. Alex.moon

    Beijing - 1st Olympics 100% man made snow

    I think it's not surprising. China is developing rapidly