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  1. Zand

    Maine Trip 1/23-1/26/33

    1/26: Saddleback I ended the last two reports with "can't wait for the epic powder day Thursday!" SIKE! After reading the reports and looking out the window, didn't even bother going up until almost 11 and I got to park nice and close because people had already left. I could hear the scraping...
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  3. Zand

    The Saddleback Thread

    So update from the first couple runs... Lot of trails roped but some nats and glades still open. It's warm up top. Untracked snow is a breakable crust and a bit frightening. Tracked out areas are spring snow and actually not bad. Groomers are soft up high but slick at the bottom. Don't think...
  4. Zand

    The Saddleback Thread

    Haven't taken a run yet but we got fucked with freezing rain. Sounds like shit out there and a lot of people have already left so got to park nice and close at 10:30. 2023 sucks!
  5. Zand

    Maine Trip 1/23-1/26/33

    1/25: Sugarloaf Arrived to full on sunshine but colder temps, making this morning the only few hours of the trip to actually feel like January. Good news after yesterday is that the winds were dead calm. Started up with Skidder and Sluice to get the blood pumping, noting that the groomers were...
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  15. Zand

    Maine Trip 1/23-1/26/33

    I didn't even any any new building up there but I also never went right and past Grey Ghost off the chair so I could've missed it.
  16. Zand

    The Saddleback Thread

    Right now the weak point is probably natural bumps. Stuff like Jane Craig, Golden Smelt, and Peachy's are pretty slick besides some leftovers down the side. Of course, if the foot of snow pans out on Thursday then things will be much better. But for now, the snow in the glades >>>> natural bump...
  17. Zand

    Maine Trip 1/23-1/26/33

    1/24: Saddleback The pixie dust fairy visited overnight and gave the mountain an inch or two refresh. As usual, it was absolutely dead and things are in good shape. Started off with a couple warmups off Rangeley on Royal Coachman and Peachy's Peril/Thrombosis. Groomers were pretty much...
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