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    Who's Blowing Snow?

    Berkshire East was blowing snow this morning, mainly at the base. There are still whales all over the mountain. They sent out an email a few days ago about staying open later than usual.
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    Berkshire East 2/10/21

    Also, credit to the owners and management for continuing to make snow. There are big whales on Big Chief and Flying Cloud in addition to the new snow being blown on skier's left of Exhibition.
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    Berkshire East 2/10/21

    It's absolutely lovely. All the glades are skiable except the one off Little Spruce; that area is closed for snowmaking. The picture is from Tomahawk. Horace's had a couple of bare spots as did East Glades, but there is also still some fresh powder. Flying Cloud has soft bumps down the right. A...
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    Ski sale in Western Massachusetts (Amherst) January 5-6

    The Amherst Historical Society and Crocker Farm Elementary School PGO are holding a ski sale in Amherst on January 5 and 6. If you want to donate or sell equipment on consignment, you can drop it off on the afternoon of January 5. For more information, see...
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    Killington - 5/8/15

    Date skied: 5/8/15 Ski area: Killington Here are some pictures for those who are thinking of going this weekend. The coverage was fantastic top-to-bottom on Superstar (of course). Skyelark coverage was very good, with some slushy areas in the middle (the flatter section) and one big hole...
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    Best in MA

    Berkshire East has the best terrain: steeper steeps (except maybe that one trail at Catamount), a fair number of rarely-groomed trails, etc. But the snowmaking isn't that great so a lot of the mountain is dependent on natural snow. And it's rarely crowded. Despite its poor reputation in these...
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    If you could pick up and move.....

    Just one data point: I have friends (couple in their 40s, two kids) in the described financial situation who are avid skiers. They used to live near Palo Alto and had a house in Tahoe. They moved to Aspen and love it in every way. Most of the other people I know who could live anywhere have...
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    When is it too warm to ski?

    Well I did in fact have a great day, so thanks for all the encouragement and tips. Traverses and runouts could get slushy, but the Superstar side of Skye was a lot of fun. Superstar itself was only moderately bumped up, with firm troughs and soft, widely spaced bumps. If you go down the back...
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    When is it too warm to ski?

    Sorry, it was Blue Ridge, so I imagine the mountain will be a bit cooler. I'm a novice when it comes to understanding weather forecasts. Thanks for the other responses. And yes, it is snow quality that I was wondering about.
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    When is it too warm to ski?

    I'm thinking of going to Killington on Monday because it's probably the only day that will work for me for the next two weeks. But the forecast is for a high of 75 degrees (already 60 by 9 am, and the day before should be warm and rainy). I've never skied on a day that warm -- only up to the low...
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    K management communication

    Thanks. That's just the information I was looking for. I was just worried about a situation in which the only thing to ski was a top-to-bottom bump run, with no way to take a break.
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    K management communication

    Not having been to Killington in April before: When they say Superstar will be open as long as possible, do they mean (1) Superstar and some other trails served by the Superstar Quad, or (2) literally just the Superstar trail? If it's (2) and there's no way to take a break from the bumps on...
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    Wachusett - 4/2/14

    Their latest marketing email says they "may consider reopening" April 18-19 (they probably mean 19-20), although that's probably a longshot. One thing they have going for them is proximity to Boston. They had 10 times as many people as Berkshire East the week before.
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    Wachusett - 4/2/14

    As of 1:30 it looked like it might be starting to bump up, but I don't know how far it got or if they groomed it overnight.
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    Wachusett - 4/2/14

    Date(s) Skied: April 2, 2014 Resort or Ski Area: Wachusett Conditions: Wet granular on top of hard pack Trip Report: I went to the much-maligned Wachusett because it's close and I had a short day. It was surprisingly chilly in the morning, when it was overcast and breezy at the summit...
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    Ski Resort Closings 2014

    FWIW, Wachusett is open this week through Sunday, then next weekend (April 11-13).
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    Berkshire East 3/24/2014

    Date(s) Skied: March 24, 2014 Resort or Ski Area: Berkshire East Conditions: Packed frozen granular Trip Report: Today was a great example of why a cold day in March can be a wonderful thing. The skies were clear and blue most of the day and the temperature stayed in the 20s. The cold...
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    Ski Resort Closings 2014

    Wachusett says April 13.
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    Ski Sundown 3/19/14

    Date(s) Skied: March 19, 2014 Resort or Ski Area: Ski Sundown Conditions: Packed powder/frozen granular Trip Report: I went to Sundown today because it's the most convenient if I'm on my way to or from work. The snow conditions were quite good given that it hasn't snowed in a while and...