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  1. wa-loaf


  2. wa-loaf


    I'll be wearing this hat.
  3. wa-loaf


    Headed to Vail and Beaver Creek in February. I'll be sure to let everyone know how much they suck.
  4. wa-loaf

    Helmet / Goggle Interface

    You can always get one of those visor style helmets. Which become useless once you get any snow in them ...
  5. wa-loaf

    You know you are getting older....

    When you realize you've been on this site for 16 years.
  6. wa-loaf

    I’m looking for fast cruising skis and local shop recommends k2 mindbender 89 ti and nordica enforcer 88

    Ripsticks are supposed to be really nice. But they are asymmetrical and have a left and right.
  7. wa-loaf

    I’m looking for fast cruising skis and local shop recommends k2 mindbender 89 ti and nordica enforcer 88

    I've got the Mindbender 90ti (just the previous version of the 89) and they are a perfect all round new england ski. I ski them in a 184 and I'm 5'9". I might pick something more carving oriented if all you want to do is ski groomers, but the mindbender will be great if you ski some light powder...
  8. wa-loaf

    Snowbound Expo Nov 18-20

    But your tickets in advance at 50% off: https://www.showclix.com/event/snowbound-expo/tag/JKUETER It will be full price at the door if you don't.
  9. wa-loaf

    Ski Equipment Deals near Boston

    Wachusett is having their Columbus Day Ski swap this weekend. Usually tons of gear there. The shop also offers 20-40% off last years stuff.
  10. wa-loaf

    Last ski season 2021-2022 was the busiest US ski season ever with almost 61 million snow visits

    I didn't contribute much to the tally last year. Hoping to over compensate this season.
  11. wa-loaf

    Snowbound Expo Nov 18-20

    Note the free ticket discount expires on September 30th and switches to 50% off. If you're thinking of going grab your tickets now.
  12. wa-loaf

    Shawnee Peak Maine acquired by Boyne

    I can stop referring to it as that place that used to be Pleasant Mtn
  13. wa-loaf

    Snowbound Expo Nov 18-20

    Hey look a hype video: https://fb.watch/fwBJRprU8i/ Get your free tickets: https://www.showclix.com/event/snowbound-expo/tag/JKUETER
  14. wa-loaf

    chairlift pickup?

    They usually have people there when you pick them up. At least they did when I got a Catamount chair.
  15. wa-loaf

    The Queen has Passed

    A few Corgies up for adoption ...
  16. wa-loaf

    Snowbound Expo Nov 18-20

    https://snowboundexpo.com/exhibitors/ They keep adding to the list so I don't think this is extensive.
  17. wa-loaf

    Snowbound Expo Nov 18-20

    I don't think it's going to be as big as in the past. Seems like a rebuilding year. But there should be plenty of equipment vendors and the usual ski area representation. Though it looks to be dominated by IKON pass areas as they are a major sponsor. There's going to be a more participatory...
  18. wa-loaf

    Snowbound Expo Nov 18-20

    It's been at the World Trade Center in the Seaport for the last few years. Bayside got torn down like 10 years ago. Boston Common Garage is a great and cheap place to park. Walk or take the t for a couple stops.
  19. wa-loaf

    Snowbound Expo Nov 18-20

    This is the old Ski and Snowboard Expo in Boston rebranded. Looks like some good brands and a lot of speakers. At a minimum it's cool to look at shiny new ski gear and grab some freebies and stickers. They asked me to be an ambassador for some reason and gave me a code to offer free tickets...
  20. wa-loaf

    22/23 Passes

    Sticking with the Military Epic pass. Price is too good to pass up. Will also have a Wachusett pass for Night League. Not adding anything else. With my sons ski team schedule there's not a lot of opportunity for a lot of ski days in NH/VT.