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    Question for NH skiers - how crowded does it get during NH school vacation

    Even the crowd at Wachusett wasn't bad Sunday night. It was 25 chairs of people waiting in line at most for the Polar Express; and line didn't go passs the ticket scanners for most of the night.
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    Wachusset season passes - wtf!?

    The interesting thing is that Wawa's gold pass is now higher than the Epic Northeast past which gives unrestricted access to Crotched which is the most comparable mountain locally you will get. At least the equation still becomes cheaper for bronze for those who just night ski or go midweek. And...
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    Wachusset season passes - wtf!?

    It is crazy; and they are taking the same pricing structure as last year which technically means everyone pays the half day price as of 2 years ago. Want to ski a full day? That will be about a 80% price increase vs window pricing 2 years ago. Afternoon sessions also went up. They definitely...
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    2021-22 Season Passes

    Good to know. After all, the thought of switching it up with Sunapee and then taking a couple trips to Stowe at a minimum is quite a consideration.
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    2021-22 Season Passes

    Wawa raised their prices up for next year's season pass, but will go on sale on May 3. Looks like the rates increased $25-$90 depending on pass type and the "weekender" option is now removed. Next year's GPS prices: $639 gold $439 silver $319 bronze. Paid $254 for a bronze past season for...
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    MA skiing

    Yes, Wawa was pretty shot Thursday of last week. 10th mountain was the pick of the day but had very thin cover leading on the lower half. They'll probably get it together for one last weekend on limited trails by pushing out the terrain parks.
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    Crotched Vs Wachusett Night Sessions

    I can see it during Spring after daylight savings when the drop in temperatures are likely to refreeze snow after the sun sets for the night. But granted, they also open at 7:30 am on weekend days which barely gives any time to soften snow... so pushing another couple hours into the night isn't...
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    Crotched Vs Wachusett Night Sessions

    I was wondering how the night scene stacks up over at Crotched over Wachusett? Traditionally, my friend tends to like Wachusett for how the regroom runs at night (and his availability tends to be at night), but was wondering if Crotched does this as well. The distance aspect is about even...
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    The most dreaded thread of the year.... The Closing thread......

    Wachusett has started to advertise projected closing is 4/4/21. Hopefully that is an underpromise as they are also advertising a 4 foot base! And their business was still very brisk - was a few minute lift line at all lifts right up until they closed til 9:30 pm and they had a lot of cars in the...
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    The dreaded spring time change

    Hate it... Wawa cut back their hours to 7 pm and they don't have their special where you can ski the day sessions on weekends for "free" this year when you prepay for your pass b/c it's still been so packed.
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    Who's buying their 21/22 pass early?

    Kind of wishing Wawa puts their season passes to get the weekend day session but it's unlikely given there was still a sizable daytime crowd when I pulled in this Sunday at 4 pm given the amount of cars parked in lot #3. The nighttime crowd wasn't as much as they usually get but still sizable...
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    Skiing..helping or hurting

    Skiing has definitely helped. Granted, I am stuck at Wawa due to logistics and the ability of syncing my schedule with my friend's but being able to get out and enjoy some skiing with 15 minute + lift lines helps me unwind from being busy with managing my business Prime Marketing Experts.
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    Season passes and Covid restrictions

    Wachusett has been crazy busy all season but at least being a season pass holder you go without reservation when the pass is valid. 15+ minute lift lines anytime you go and maybe 10 minutes if you are lucky during a non-holiday midweek day. Even waited 40 minutes the day after a storm at night...
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    Weekend lines?

    Lines have been typically around 15-20 minutes between 4 and 7 pm at Wachusett on Sunday nights and within 5 minutes after 7 pm given the change in ticket times. I was shocked the lines ended up being 30-40 minutes last Wednesday night and nearing right where Smith Walton ends at polar express &...
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    I agree. I interviewed for a financial analyst job about 4-5 years ago with Vail in Colorado. Ended up saying thanks but no thanks when they asked if the pay of $13/hr was acceptable for me. I can get at least $22/hr around here for the same job at the time.
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    MA skiing

    From my perspective, Wachusett isn't bad if you already have a season pass and intend to ski a minimum of 5 times there, and it provides the opportunity to ski while doing other things during the day, and still be back home given that you can really only take day trips into NH, given the hotel...
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    Singles Line

    Many people at Wachusett have been using the singles line for a shorter wait. They call up 2 singles at a time from the same line at polar express and now if a group of 2 splits up the other one will sometimes sneak in through the gate so they won't have 4 chairs separating them given there's 4...
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    Now; here's a real kicker. Wachusett has 15 trails now in MA; even they have more terrain! Granted the lift lines are consistently 10-15 minute wait at polar & minuteman due to high demand this year
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    12/22 - Wachusett - Crowded Midweek Day

    Only the trails that are open & with lights on them. So 10th, Conifer, Challenger, Look Mom, Hitchcock, and Ralphs are what opens at night. Smith Walton is still not open yet but is typically lit for night skiing
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    12/22 - Wachusett - Crowded Midweek Day

    Yep; you heard that right! I haven't seen them work as hard as they have in years past.