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    Berkshire East & Catamount: 3 New Lifts, Terrain Expansions

    I skied here the last weekend of Feb - girlfriend and I really enjoyed it and was an easy trip from the northern Philly burbs. Stayed in Lenox and only 3.5 hours for us after work on Friday and easy drive home on Sunday.
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    Money and Banking - Finance

    Nothing with crypto - keeping interest rates at 0% and printing trillions upon trillions of dollars for perceived prosperity has its consequences. The feds will bail out the banks and elites yet again while the average US citizens are about to get hit with even more inflation - USA USA!
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    Money and Banking - Finance

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    Does "Park" skiing bother you?

    My son will be 15 and has really gotten into skiing the Park - skis with twin tips and no poles. I'm old so always ski on the side but his interest began about 5/6 years ago with that large 1/2 pipe @ Killington. He really became obsessed in Jr HS and this year as most of his buds in the ski...
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    Indy Ski Pass

    Out of all Pocono Mts Elk is the best - would love for them to jump on Indy
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    Indy Ski Pass

    Living in the Philly burbs have skied both over the years and burned both days on my Indy this year - go with Montage from the skiing to the vibe of the mountain
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    Northern New England ski area locusts and their subspecies

    I would've never guessed this - is it a big retirement state?
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    2023/2024 Season Passes

    Pretty sure I'm going to renew INDY for my son and I - did Epic last year and a much better experience with INDY this year. Son and I will get approx 12 (him)/20 (me) days this year with his sport schedule (9th Grade) and the girlfriend liked the value for her and her daughters (Epic also last...
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    The Grateful Thread

    Thoughts on Phish summer tour? Going to really miss AC (been a great 2 weekends in '21 and '22) - MSG is overplayed and summer should be outdoor shows IMO but all that said - Doing the Mann both nights (in my backyard) and a weekend in NYC for MSG
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    Skiing on the Cheap - 2022-23

    My son has an all day midweek pass plus evening (after 4PM) on weekends thru his HS ski club as that's the mt they go 2. I burn his 'missing school for ski days' on New England trips but have gone up there twice midweek when he had 1/2 days and there is some value for me. Adult weekends are...
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    The Grateful Thread

    Further was great and lots of fun but for me Phil and the Q were my favorite. I really thought the Fare thee Well band had the most potential tho that could;dve been just the great vibes I got from being in Chicago for that weekend but outside of Trey locking himself in his apartment and Jerry...
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    The Grateful Thread

    Dead and Co gets a lot of negative shit and I get it. I've been seeing them since fall '15 and still have fun with friends with low expectations. Had to cancel my Spac hotel as I have to travel but hitting Bristol, Philly and possibly Citi or Fenway depending on what city the girlfriend wants...
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    Skiing on the Cheap - 2022-23

    That is an insane deal and smart business considering the cost of adult tickets at Blue
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    The kid thread

    Photo of my son 11 years ago as a 3 year old 1st time on skis and him and I this past weekend in Vt (now 14 years old). Time passes quickly gents and so happy that this kid still loves skiing with his old man even if I can't keep up with everything he does My daughter is a freshman at UC...
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    Indy Ski Pass

    Bolton thread reminded me how much more enjoyable the Indy Pass has been for me compared to Epic last year. My son and I are weekend skiers (tho I can do some midweek when he's with his mother) plus my GF has one when she skis with me. Conditions aside - just a better experience for us...
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    Bolton Valley during Mass vacation week

    They were blowing the snow all day Sat and my son and I were excited to ski it on Sunday but they never groomed it out - guess they were saving it for the week
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    Bolton Valley during Mass vacation week

    I was there with my son Sat and Sun - Wilderness Peak/Lift closed and still not terrible at all ie crowds. Sunday was more crowded thn Sat as vacationers come in but still not a problem IMO. Timberline quad was ski on the entire weekend and I think the most we waited on the Vista Quad was 10...
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    Skiology Matt in Litigation

    Easier said then done - suing in Vt and Skiology Matt is from NY so the judgment has to be transferred which also means his current attorney will need to split his cut with a NY attorney if he needs help there - thn you have to start looking for assets, etc and this kid probably does not have...
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    High Priced Lift Tickets

    Definitely think there is a problem for costs if you’re introducing yourself or someone to the sport but … you can still get to a mountain like Pico for $71 on some weekends, even less during the week, off their website. Berkshire East and Catamount are $54 (non-holiday) off the REI website...
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    Skiing on the Cheap - 2022-23

    Smuggs - Kids 17 and under ski free in January...