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    You're going faster than everyone who is on the couch.
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    Sochi Olympics

    If the law had been in place when the Games were awarded, Sochi would never have gotten the bid.
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    "Toughest" Marathon?

    3-4 months prep is the generally recommended time; there are plenty of marathon prep plans online. My longest run was 22 which I did three weeks before the marathon, plus a few 18 milers along the way. Your weekends consist of preparing to run, running, and recovering from runs.
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    Which European Resorts are Best to Visit?

    We spent a week in Arlberg this year, quite amazing although it's a bit expensive. Lots of amazing off piste, bring avy gear and the world is your oyster.
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    Mt. Moosilauke Hike

    The report was from this morning. If you want to confirm, call the Ravine Lodge at (603) 764-5858.
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    "Toughest" Marathon?

    If you want to go tough there are plenty of races beyond marathon length that put any marathon to shame. Some of the 100 milers have 20,000+ elevation gain, or there's Badwater which starts at the lowest point in Death Valley and ends partway up Mt Whitney (135 miles away). For road marathons...
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    Mt. Moosilauke Hike

    I saw a report on VFTT that Gorge Brook is closed due to a section of the trail being wiped out by recent rains. The Snapper trail up and down would be the easiest route, but if you are willing to add 2 miles to the journey you can do a loop with the Asquam Ridge trail that is a gentle (but...
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    It was muddy, knee-deep in places, but I finished. :)
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    2013-2014 Ski Season Goals

    - Be in good shape for the week in Banff we have scheduled - Lots more backcountry this year, hit some trails and stashes I haven't been to in a while - Hit Saddleback for a long weekend - Call in sick on a powder day
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    Baxter is fantastic, but requires some advanced planning to get lodging in the park. Travel within the park is slow and if you are staying outside the park you can easily get shut out of certain trails (parking lot is full and no more cars are allowed) if you aren't in line at the gate at 5:00...
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    GoPro Question?

    A lot of folks use stabilizing software - I use the software built into Youtube. I haven't found that I can do much to affect the image by changing how I hold my neck/head; I'm too busy skiing.
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    Arcadia National Park - Maine

    Are you from New England? If so, then yes. If you're from away, probably not. :)
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    North Pond Hermit lived in woods for 27 years.

    Only if Rondeau stole thousands of dollars worth of goods from disabled folks.
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    Arcadia National Park - Maine

    If you need to ask, this is not the pasttime for you. :)
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    Goals this Hiking Season - Devils Path, Pemi Loop and Great Range

    It's fully documented - http://adamiata.blogspot.com/2013/03/winter-hut-traverse-in-day-0392013.html Adam is a monster ultra athlete. He's held the summer Pemi loop record at times, and had done near record times for a Presie Traverse, the summer Hut Traverse, and the 48.
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    Goals this Hiking Season - Devils Path, Pemi Loop and Great Range

    A friend did the first ever full winter hut traverse last month. Wicked stupid.
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    Goals this Hiking Season - Devils Path, Pemi Loop and Great Range

    My GF wants to do a one day Presie Traverse so that's on the list. I'd like to do another one day Pemi Loop and see if I can better my time. Probably head up to the Daks to bag some new peaks.
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    Arcadia National Park - Maine

    It helps to get the name right - it's Acadia. :) If you like scrambling and steep somewhat scary pitches the Beehive and Precipice trails are the classics. They are fairly short but very steep and involve some metal steps pounded into the rock faces. Most folks who are active have no problems...
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    Nighttime sled poach=death at Carinthia

    http://www.madriverrocket.com/ - The Mad River Rocket?
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    Over from England, looking for recommendations for 1st week in April

    The ski areas near North Conway are Cranmore, Attitash, Wildcat, and Black. Black is the smallest and may be closed by then. Wildcat and Attitash are the biggest, with Wildcat offering the most challenging skiing. Both have kids programs and should be open the first weekend in April, especially...