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    Mask and fogging?

    I tried wearing a disposable mask upside down yesterday so the nose wire is on the bottom. That seemed to help with the fogging, and your goggles will hold the mask tight over your nose anyway.
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    Mask and fogging?

    #vailsucks isn't requiring mask use while actually skiing AFAIK. No requirement, but if it's 15 degrees, and the mask is comfortable, and flipping it up and down for each lift ride is inconvenient, why not?
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    12/16-12/18, Attitash/Wildcat/Attitash, white ribbons of...delight?

    I went up to North Conway midweek-- I had vacation to burn, new Rossi XJ+ boots to pick up and get adjusted, and no desire to be near a ski area on the weekend. I got out really late each day, not before 12:30p, so keep that in mind. 12/16: Illusion was the only thing open at Attitash, over...
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    Mask and fogging?

    I skiied Tue-Th with goggles, a disposable surgical-type mask, and sometimes an old thin Peak Resorts neck gaiter on top of that for warmth. The mask was actually quite comfortable and warm. Even during the middle of the storm at Wildcat, it was only damp not wet, never icy, and always warm...
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    which mountain is the winner of this storm?

    We're at SL and the story is similar here, about 6" when I quit and easily another 3+ already. I only dropped into the woods briefly this afternoon, but things should be really really good tomorrow. The wind was lower than forecast and the trails are catching a fair amount of snow.
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    Wildcat 3/5, Cranmore 3/6

    Wildcat Saturday was...interesting. They'd gotten 4" on Thursday. A good bit of it was still around on Saturday, but since I was there for the EICSL race, the only interesting turns I made until noon-thirty or so were around red and blue trees on Bobcat, on my bright red slalom-y skis. I did...
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    Jay Peak 2/27-28/2016

    That said, I recently upped the setting on my off-piste skis after walking out one time too many. I agree with Kusty's thinking, but tighter bindings won't save you from catching your ski on the wrong thing at the wrong time.
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    Jay Peak 2/27-28/2016

    Jay is apparently...liberal about what should be roped off. (And I'm a regular at Wildcat.) On Saturday, Upper River Quai appeared to be 75%+ grass/rocks/iceflows, and unskiable except for a thready line down skier's right. And yet it was open, albeit with three signs or so at the gate. And...