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    Stowe Thread

    My father and I did that back in the day, when Smugs was still called Madona, it was an easy trek and easy to find. I enjoy your posts and people like Vter are what makes this website unenjoyable at times. We are all adults and don't need the nanny police to protect us!
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    Any body know anything about Hunter???

    WHAT? " I doubt we will ever see westway open again as those saplings just keep getting bigger and bigger, and who knows what shape annapurna is in." Are you kidding me? I haven't been to Hunter in a while, but that is the mountain I grew up skiing at and loved the west side, its part of what...
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    Skiology Matt in Litigation

    I subscribe to his newsletter and really enjoy the content and his writing style.
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    has anyone used shipskis.com or similar services?

    That's strange, I just flew with Delta, JFK to Denver and paid $30 for my suitcase and $40 for my ski bag and boot bag combo.
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    2023/01/29 - Pico / Killington - Interconnect trail, Catwalk, abandoned Juggernaut, new K1 lodge - guide

    I skied Juggernaut once top to the bottom where it connects to Great Eastern. From your picture the top portion has grown in quite a bit, it used to be much wider. I was fortunate because the trail was in great condition and the snow was fast, but I still had to pole and skate a lot...
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    Bubble lift opinions

    Today was definitely a bubble day at Killington
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    Deer Valley visit Dec 22nd, 26th, 31st, 1st, & 2nd....

    I skied there last year for the first time and really liked it. I was always under the impression that it was a boring mountain, but was pleasantly surprised to see some good terrain. The place is well run but very expensive if you buy a day ticket at the last minute like we did.
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    Ski Equipment Deals near Boston

    I am looking for recommendations on ski shops within a one hour drive of Boston that usually has good deals and selection on skis/boots/binding, etc.
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    Skiing is back!

    I lived in Southern California for 10 years. I’ve skied Baldy many times I’ve also skied Kratka Ridge, Mount Waterman and all the areas up in big bear. Baldy is head and shoulders above anything in Southern California, it’s better than anything in Vermont. They have some great tree skiing...
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    Looking for advice on joining a ski club/lodge.

    I belong to a ski club, I have been a member since 1994. Our club is Long Island based and our house is at the base of Pico. My father belonged to a ski club based in New Jersey and their house is in Chittenden, VT. There are many pros in my case and few cons.. My pros are: lower cost of...
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    IKON Adds Zermatt

    You can fly from NY to Geneva for approximately $550 per person in February, you can rent a midsize suv for $500 for the week, figure $4,000 for lodging, right now the exchange rate is approximately one to one, yes you can compare the costs of Europe to out west but the experience is not the same.
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    IKON Adds Zermatt

    Remember all the math changes with the exchange rate at the time of your trip. Growing up, my father would take us out west or to Europe depending on the exchange rate that year, some years it was cheaper to ski Europe than out west. With the EU it makes it easier to figure the exchange rate...
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    New to You in 2018-2019

    I lived in So Cal for 10 years and I have skied all the places you are listing; Fly Firday evening Baldy - Excellent ski area, but needs natural snow Mt High (need old Sunrise part), Very small area and crowded, like mountain creek in NJ Snow Valley - Very small area and crowded, like mountain...
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    Killington is my home mountain but I have skied at every mountain in VT, every area in NJ, the Catskills, and most areas out west. I personally don’t care about the lodges as long as they have food, a place to sit, and clean restrooms. I start my day at 8am, eat lunch at 11am and finish by...
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    Lodge Food Prices

    It used to bother me the high price of food at the base lodges, I even used to bring my own food, I had to buy food for 5 skiers. But I now realize that they need to make money on the food and if we all stop buying the food, it will just result in higher ticket prices or reduced services. We...
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    Where to get current conditions for VT, NH, ME all in one place ?

    <<Killington can be great for steep groomers, but pay attention to their grooming report. They will let a lot of their steep terrain bump up.>>. I disagree with that comment, I have been skiing at Killington for 50 years and they do not allow a lot of the steep terrain to bump up, even outer...
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    Keeping phone warm in the cold

    I do not know why some of you are hating on the iPhone. I am an IT manager where I work, and am responsible for our corporate cell phones. We use both iPhone and Androids, I find that IOS/iPhone is easier to set up, easier to manage, and the quality of the same app is better on iPhone vs...
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    Keeping phone warm in the cold

    It’s not just the cold, it is the geography, the battery will die faster on the mountain, because the phone has to work harder to find the cell tower, I find if I put my phone in airplane mode while skiing my battery lasts a lot longer, and that was an iPhone 6s and now an x.