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    Cannon Lover's Thread

    What are crowds usually like at Cannon mid-week during NH school vacation week?
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    The Ski Journal | Glen Plake Signed Issue | 14/15

    I'd rather pay the Ski Journal subscription price than get Ski/Skiing for free. Every issue is great and it is the kind of substantial thing you can put in a bookshelf, not read on the toilet and toss in the garbage.
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    New breakfast option near Cannon

    It is 15/16. This month they will be tearing down the current building and starting work on a new building, set to open in the spring.
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    Cannon day care - very disappointing

    It's the truth, from the day he was born I (and my father, haha) have been counting down until he can start sliding on snow. I've tried to get her into skiing but I think living in New England is about as close to being on mountain as she will tolerate :lol:
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    Cannon day care - very disappointing

    That's a good suggestion. Let's see how it goes over!
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    Cannon day care - very disappointing

    There's a couple reasons I don't think it will work... Leaving him at home with a sitter is going to be paying for about four more hours of care per day and probably end up costing substantially more -- you can get a season pass to Cannon child care for about $700. That's probably about five or...
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    Cannon day care - very disappointing

    Not really an option unfortunately.
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    Cannon day care - very disappointing

    Anyone have any experiences with Cannon child care since this post? I am currently debating whether or not to buy a season pass this year (or whether I'll even be able to ski at all really), and without on mountain childcare it's not happening so I'd be curious to hear some feedback....
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    Underdog Mountains

    All my nominees already mentioned: Black Mountain (NH) Bolton Valley Pico
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    Boot Fitter (different than boot fit)

    I usually do two or three fitting visits. The first is when I pick out and purchase boots and any adjustments required are figured out. Sometimes they can make these adjustments same day, sometimes it will require coming back to pick up the boots at a later date. When I pick them up, we'll do...
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    When are you going to start skiing this year?

    Probably end of December. I've got a Saturday class through mid-December that eats up most of my Saturday, with a baby at home tough to say to the wife "Hey I'm gonna run up the mountains on my only day off" and snow that early doesn't usually justify sick days.
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    Boot Fitter (different than boot fit)

    Second on the Ski Stop. They have locations in Canton and Westwood. I would call ahead to make sure a fitter is in (this goes for pretty much any place though).
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    $1M for Mittersill "improvement project"

    ALL NATURAL hahaha :roll:
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    Cargo Box vs. Roof Rack

    Only thing I don't like about the roof box is I have to take it off after every weekend or trip because the clearance at my office garage is too low for it.
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    $1M for Mittersill "improvement project"

    It's great for things to be as localized and self supporting as possible but it is way too easy for these conversations to become a kind of myopic "woe is me" about particular services people don't want to pay for with nary a word about the subsidies they themselves utilize and like. The MBTA...
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    Skiing Bucket List

    Europe, resorts and bc tour Chic Chocs bc tour Wyoming and Montana resorts Pacific Northwest bc
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    Max distance for 3 day/extended weekend?

    I'd say 6-7 hours (which covers most of the Quebec mountains) but it really depends. And even that seems a bit silly considering where you could fly in 6-7 hours. I wouldn't do the 5.5 hours to Whiteface for example, because I'm not taking a three day weekend that holds zero interest to my...
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    Skiers have best butts (poll)

    There was an article in the NY Times during the Olympics about how racers have a hard time finding pants that fit because of the size of their thighs and butts.
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    Skiing on the Cheap - 2014-15 Edition

    Perhaps noteworthy: A "college" season pass to Ragged carries no credit requirements, unlike virtually every other college pass. "You do not have to be a full-time student. If you’re getting your Masters with a couple courses a semester, or you’re a part-time student you can still get this...