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  1. bill-now

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Any guesses as to the name of the trail to replace Reverse Traverse? I've heard that Traversey McTraverseface is under consideration.
  2. bill-now

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Yes, I believe that. I now remember we did stay there back in the day. Thanks!
  3. bill-now

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    I came across this old photo from around 1975 to 1978. It looks to be at Sugarbush South but I can't figure out which condo units these are. At first I thought it was Snow Creek but the angles and the unit numbering don't seem to match. Any ideas?
  4. bill-now

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Three workers with chainsaws were at skiers right on Murphy's cutting the replacement of Reverse Traverse.
  5. bill-now

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Some new snow making guns in the LP parking lot. It looks like they are pouring a concrete foundation for the snow cannon at the base of Easy Rider.
  6. bill-now

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    I just noticed that the two "scenic" webcams (Walts and Allyns Lodge) now change their view periodically. Nice!
  7. bill-now

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    I was only thinking about non season pass sales. Although certain passes, such as the boomer pass, are already only valid on weekdays.
  8. bill-now

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    I think the key to success this season would be to encourage weekday and discourage weekend visits. On a typical weekday SB is, historically, close to the current social distancing guidelines. One approach would be to sell Quad packs that are only valid Monday thru Friday. Also a decrease in...
  9. bill-now

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    How cold is it? Even the hot tub cover is frozen.
  10. bill-now

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    What is needed is a brew pub with a curling rink.
  11. bill-now

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    FYI: Win = Win Jr = WinS
  12. bill-now

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Yea, I've Tipped over on Ripcord a bunch of times. Maybe this alternative name will stick as in "Downspout = Deathspout"
  13. bill-now

    Rockstar Parking

    He may park like a Rockstar but he lodges at the Sugartree.
  14. bill-now

    Is Kzone dying?

    This got me to thinking.. What are the widest and shallowest trails in the East?
  15. bill-now

    Time for public flogging of resorts that misrepresent the truth

    From the Sugarbush Snow Report... "Sunday, March 9th 9:10 a.m. Advice nugget of the day: Sleep in." It doesn't get more honest than that.
  16. bill-now

    Sugarbush, Friday 2/8 - mini TR

    You should have been there Thursday, it was spectacular!:daffy:
  17. bill-now

    How old were you when you got your first seasons pass?

    40 is NOT late! 54 is late! At Sugarbush. :smile:
  18. bill-now

    Most Disliked Lifts

    I dislike any lift where you can't sit. That includes ALL Pomas, T-bars, and especially the Cabriolet lift at Moutain Creek.