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  1. tarponhead

    "Too Much Snow" and Winter Driving - The analogy

    Nokian hekkapeliittas on a subi outback. Overkill? definitely. But huge piece of mind to. By the way, the hekkapeliittas hold up well. Heard stories not so much for the blizzacks
  2. tarponhead

    Moved from Florida to Jersey looking for advice and tips.

    Where did u get the voucher? I would also hit that mid week since the last time I was there was on my junior hs bus trip on friday nights (in jeans and on 100 cm rentals)... Would be fun to see again (midweek!)
  3. tarponhead

    Trails that are never open..

    Caveat; only been to Burke maybe 12x birches and jungle (open once while I was there)
  4. tarponhead

    PA folks...anyone put their kids in the Blue bump program?

    That is because they let Chris ride with the cat op to show him how it should be done :-)))
  5. tarponhead

    PA folks...anyone put their kids in the Blue bump program?

    Blue has two bump programs; one for newbies (bump wise) and one for more advanced. Greg Stahl is the instructor, excellent bump teacher and very passionate about bumps. Last year they threw in an extra week of lessons just because. I am taking the advanced program again this year. If you think...
  6. tarponhead

    Okemo Expansion? (Yes, there's more condos) Expansion Approved

    I have absolutely nothing to contribute to this thread except to shout out What s up Blue Devil! (will PM)
  7. tarponhead

    Music for the bumps.

    TV on the Radio repetition http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bb3XzHP9pAs
  8. tarponhead

    Holiday trips? Where is everyone going?

    Last year my sons and I are all together for the ski season before I loose them to college. So we are going to Alta and Snowbird. Staying at the Peruvian. $ but screw it. Will be their first trip out west skiing.
  9. tarponhead

    Lowered my DIN setting

    Both boots; they test each binding independently.
  10. tarponhead

    Lowered my DIN setting

    Preseason special at Heinos; tune and check bindings. Chucklehead here still in my first decade of skiing so was ignorant to 50+ rule
  11. tarponhead

    Lowered my DIN setting

    Was a 3 (probably only in my own mind for sure ;-)
  12. tarponhead

    Lowered my DIN setting

    Turned 50 this year and received an unsolicited AARP card. Meh, don't care. Got my skis back from their preseason tune and the shop informed me they were required to lower my DIN setting by one due to my age. THAT bothered me...
  13. tarponhead

    Its not all about steep..

    Don't take the bridge and ski to the road. A LOT easier!
  14. tarponhead

    Whiteface 12/28-31/2012

    Was there 28-30 with family. Agree this was the best I have seen WF during the Christmas week. Only time I have ever skied niagara without hearing my edges. Also we tucked into the lower glades on the 29th (10th mountain) and it was in good shape. The 30th turned out to be pretty good for what...
  15. tarponhead

    Friday 12-21-12 map of rain and snow

    snowed all day while I was at Bellearye today. Granted I was only there 8AM - 1PM but nice surprise all the same; 3" (first thing in AM, only 1" accumulation I think for the day) on top of crunchy groomed but fun never the less, better then what I was expecting. (Gawd, if my west coast cousin...
  16. tarponhead

    Powder Hounds

    Or just go to SR, SB or Sugarloaf. They got some fun snow totals.