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  1. BeefyBoy50

    Wildcat Top to Bottom Saturday

    That might be the most skiable vertical out of any open ski area in the US this weekend.
  2. BeefyBoy50

    Snowfall totals since beginning of March

    Does anyone know of a good way to compare snowfall totals for all of the northeast resorts (or at least the major ones)? I'd like to see which resorts fared best from the wallop of noreaster after noreaster we've had over the last two weeks. I tried using OpenSnow and using the snowfall history...
  3. BeefyBoy50

    MAX pass add-on

    Hello everyone, I'm a college student at UPenn and the president of my school's ski team. I helped plan a trip for my team to Brighton, Utah for a winter break trip this year and plan on getting the MAX pass (got an epic local pass, my first ever season pass, last year for our trip to...
  4. BeefyBoy50


    I typed in their website and it is still under construction but half published, so it is full of generic stock images - not a great look
  5. BeefyBoy50

    Noob binding question

    Hey guys, I've been wondering this question for a while and have found some conflicting advice when I googled it, so I figure you guys would be a better resource to answer the question. For those of you who ski with families and often fly to ski areas, you know the frustration of trying to...
  6. BeefyBoy50

    Powder Mountain Size Claims

    I know that ski areas like to fudge statistics - Jay Peak probably doesn't really get 376 inches of snow a year and nobody ever skis the 3000 vertical feet top to bottom at Killington, etc. I'm wondering if anyone (especially those who live out west) can expand on Powder Mountain's claim of...
  7. BeefyBoy50

    When do you think Vail Resorts will expand to the east?

    Until recently, I could've been certain that Vail was about to make its move into the northeast by buying some fairly major ski area. Say what you will about Vail Resorts, but I know I would certainly have a greater incentive to buy an epic pass if there was a ski area within 5-6 hours driving...
  8. BeefyBoy50


    Thanks guys! I really appreciate that you were actually helpful instead of just telling me to google it or something. I've checked T4T forums before but they aren't posted on very frequently.
  9. BeefyBoy50


    How is it by now? On OpenSnow they've been getting snow or mixed snow/rain every couple of days, but Mount Washington Avalanche Center switched over from daily reports to General Bulletin, which I think signifies they anticipate getting so little skier traffic (on account of poor conditions/ no...
  10. BeefyBoy50

    So Who's Done?

    Well, I thought my last day on skis was almost a month ago at whistler but lo and behold Big Boulder in the Poconos managed to stay open through the 60 and even 70 degree days so I got out two weeks ago. Now I'm trying to get one more weekend in this season, whether that means a may trip up to...
  11. BeefyBoy50

    University of Pennsylvania Ski Team Season Video

    I put this video together over the weekend. About this point in the season, when I'm not sure if I'll make it out again before next November or December, I love to watch ski videos, so I figured I would share it with you guys. Snow wasn't great but I had a ton of fun this season...
  12. BeefyBoy50

    Who gets/got the most snow in the East this season?

    I think these snow reports for Le Massif are incorrect (I saw them on OpenSnow) but they claim the mountain got 20, 16, 16, 17, 1, 1, 11, 12 inches for the past week (that would be a totally in 1 week of 94 inches which is why I'm calling bullshit) The mountain's website says 414cm YTD which is...
  13. BeefyBoy50

    Backcountry Conditions 2016

    I got to ski at Seven Springs in shorts and a t-shirt last weekend, which is always great fun, but I had hoped February would have a lot of snow in store for the East. I'm quickly realizing now that March is next week, and then April won't be long after that - unfortunately, we don't really have...
  14. BeefyBoy50

    Snowbird Update: Little Cloud Double to be Replaced, New Mountain Coaster

    Hillary Step Trailboss, I've seen the cat road on google earth (it's quite visible), but when I was out there the week after christmas, the traverse to the Bookends was just a skier traverse - it wasn't an actual road, like the Road to Provo or the Path to Paradise. Is this simply because so...
  15. BeefyBoy50


    I've spent a lot of time recently reading about proposed/cancelled ski area expansions because it's a topic I find really interesting. One thing I've noticed, however, is that certain regions seem to see a lot more or less expansion activity than others. For instance, I think that British...
  16. BeefyBoy50

    Backcountry/Sidecountry Pruning: OK or Not?

    Unfortunately I haven't been up to Jay Peak (will hope to change that in the coming season though) so I haven't seen the effects firsthand when people get too trigger happy with their chainsaws and other clear cutting tools. From what I'm hearing it sounds like it is worse than I imagined.
  17. BeefyBoy50

    Backcountry/Sidecountry Pruning: OK or Not?

    My point wasn't clear the way I worded it. I certainly think that someone with the intention of thinning should get permission, it would be wrong to trespass and work on someone else's property. What I mean by NIMBYism is that there is, in my opinion, far too much opposition to even small...
  18. BeefyBoy50

    Backcountry/Sidecountry Pruning: OK or Not?

    The NIMBYism these days is sometimes just intolerable. I understand how it would be improper to thin forests on someone else's land, because it's their private land and they have access to it, but the amount of "damage" we might be doing by removing thorn bushes and fallen logs and < 2 inch...
  19. BeefyBoy50

    Worst Trail Maps

    This is cool, I like the style. I love looking at these things.