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  1. MikeTrainor

    Booting Up in Lodges and Bag Storage Updates

    Cannon has free cubbies outside also
  2. MikeTrainor

    Who is going to resurface?

    Today was spring conditions. You could tell the trails they made snow on. They really did a god job with what they had but they really need snow or a snow making window.
  3. MikeTrainor

    Who is going to resurface?

    Looks like they made snow last night. Back up to 23 trails.
  4. MikeTrainor

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    I am not sure what this week brought but I found conditions better than expected last weekend. The snow making trails were in great shape. Besides a few wind holds Saturday it was a great weekend!
  5. MikeTrainor

    Loon Intel

    I disagree on the Governers base area but have a somewhat limited experience at Loon. I find being at the Octogon and hoping on Seven brothers to North Peak to be much faster. The lift hardly ever has a line. Also the east basin trails are probably some of the best on the mountain and the least...
  6. MikeTrainor

    Big snowmaking upgrade at Wildcat

    Yes here is a pic of it.
  7. MikeTrainor

    Big snowmaking upgrade at Wildcat

    I slows down the same as the top and bottom. I am not exactly sure how it works maybe two separate line? A top and bottom half?
  8. MikeTrainor

    Big snowmaking upgrade at Wildcat

    Alta has a HSQ with a mid station that you can load. I am not sure how many chairs would be available on a weekend but I was there mid week in December and was able to do so. They also have a high speed triple.
  9. MikeTrainor

    Big snowmaking upgrade at Wildcat

    I wonder what the logic was with that. I think there were a few years after the express went in they would still operate the old gondola in the summer. A lift (catapult) like on this map from bobcat up would be great late season too when the bottom is mush.
  10. MikeTrainor

    Original red and white Cannon tram car

    There is. the three I know about are at the ski museum, the rest area, and Clark's Trading Post.
  11. MikeTrainor

    Original red and white Cannon tram car

    Weren't the cars replaced on the old tram? If so there would be 4 of them out there. There is this one, NE Ski museum and I believe there is one at Clark's Trading Post. Any idea where the last one is?
  12. MikeTrainor

    Jay Peak and I are not BFFs.

    I would think the capacity would be the same based on the examples given above. The lift would just have half the amount of chairs and load at the same interval. The line would be longer at the bottom since there would less people on the lift.
  13. MikeTrainor

    2012 Closings

    Opted for loon over cannon today. Decent coverage considering. They also plan on blowing snow Sunday night.
  14. MikeTrainor

    Lodging in Summit County CO?

    http://www.summitcove.com/ close to a basin; nice place; decent bar on site
  15. MikeTrainor

    Going to be in CO in a couple of weeks - suggestions on places to stay and ski

    I went out to CO last season. I highly recommend A-Basin you can buy tickets at the City Market supermarkets in Keystone really cheap. http://www.arapahoebasin.com/
  16. MikeTrainor

    Northeast skiing information

    The North Conway area may be a good choice for you too. http://www.mtwashingtonvalley.org/ lots around and you have several mountains to choose from.
  17. MikeTrainor

    So whats your ski vehicle?

    2006 Toyota Corolla 9 times out of 10 due to great gas mileage. If there is a chance of bad weather I will take the wifes CRV. I usually commute with a ski buddy of mine so splitting gas in the Corolla is not that bad.
  18. MikeTrainor

    Where do you expect to ski most this season?

    Wildcat is usually the winner for me