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  1. soposkier

    Sunday River 22-23

    I did the free day last year when it was just Barker and don't think the crowd was that bad.
  2. soposkier

    Sunday River 22-23

    Prime down the street at Mt Abram today. Closing at 100% open.
  3. soposkier

    The Saddleback Thread

    Was there saturday as Kennebago went down. Did a long Muleskinner run and came back to the lift line full and lift not running. Bailed down to the base and sure enough the lift was down for good. Lines did get long at the Rangeley chair (although still comparable to other mountains on a busy...
  4. soposkier


    Damn I didn't even know this product existed. For that price might have to pick a few up to force a trip to Wildcat or Attitash. If I understand correctly it can be used for any day next season (depending on which level is bought for holidays)?
  5. soposkier

    Sunday River 22-23

    The interior trails Eureka/Lost Princess used to be diamond trails while Tin Woodsman/Emerald City were double diamonds. I seem to remember Eureka/Lost Princess being wide open and the outer trails having some bear birch trees. Haven't been much in the last 10+ years when the trails are open...
  6. soposkier

    End of paper trail maps?

    I have been grabbing trail maps while I can. My 5 year old loves looking at them. Used to love going to the ASC resorts in the late 90s/early 2000s and grabbing all the maps that they seemed to have in the lodge.
  7. soposkier

    McDonalds Rutland Vermont

    I heard the Szechuan sauce was just sweet and sour + bbq.
  8. soposkier

    Wildcat / Attitash 2022-2023

    Alright dumb question time but figured it might spark some discussion. Skiing at Attitash for the first time Saturday. Like steeps, natural where do I start? Attitash, Bear??? Summit Triple sounds like a great chair for 1 (or 2?) beverages. Would make the trip to Wildcat but not in the cards.
  9. soposkier

    The Saddleback Thread

    Don't panic, all is well at Saddleback. Muleskinner ROTD.
  10. soposkier

    The Saddleback Thread

    Damn looks nice, planning on getting there Saturday. Be sure to hike up to the top above treeline for the short "snowfields" runs above tightline if you haven't done that before (if they still allow it). Worth the hike up either way.
  11. soposkier

    Sugarloaf West Mtn Expansion and HSQ officially a go

    Take a look at Saddlebacks report, 100% open. Haven't made it up there yet this year but crazy how different even Saddleback and Sugarloaf can be from one another given the proximity.
  12. soposkier

    Uphill Resort Skinning… a warning

    Not an uphill/touring skier myself, but saw Mt. Abram also made a post on the matter.
  13. soposkier

    Cheapest Ski Towns

    Think the person who wrote this article skis? https://www.rent.com/blog/cheapest-ski-towns/ What are the actual cheapest ski towns? Rumford, Maine count?
  14. soposkier

    Saddleback Maine

    I took a picture of Tight Line from almost the exact same spot on Saturday (4/10) for comparison! Muleskinner and some woods were even skiable.
  15. soposkier

    Sugarloaf first timer

    Agreed, by no means was suggesting to stick to groomers when conditions were good. Just stating when conditions are limited to groomers there are worse places you could be than Sugarloaf.
  16. soposkier

    Sugarloaf first timer

    I actually enjoy Sugarloaf when limited to groomers as compared to other mountains. Cruising down timberline (the trail) can't be beat when the view is clear. Do a full run on narrow gauge from the top. Non groomer stuff, check out all the tree shots off spillway xcut. And not sure where you...
  17. soposkier

    Sunday Options

    I like them both, I would give the edge to Black Mtn because of the glades and the runs feel slightly longer/more sustained. Abrams does have some good steep stuff on the skiers right side if conditions are good. Price can't be beat at either. Can't speak to current conditions. Hopefully the...
  18. soposkier

    Skiing on the cheap - 2018-19

    $35 Tickets at Sugarloaf on select days. Just booked a 4-day ticket for $140, good timing for an already planned vacation. https://buy.sugarloaf.com/ecomm/shop/calendar/6537955/en-US/?productcategoryid=117
  19. soposkier

    AlpineZone Summit 8.0

    Skied today, conditions are prime. Should be great next weekend if this midweek storm shapes up!
  20. soposkier

    Lifts that are never open

    Rode the village double a few years ago ( I want to say the last year of the spear triple). The line for the 6 pack was too long and I was too lazy to walk to the triple from the lodge, so the double was a nice option.