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    When is there too much snow?

    Yup! The length=expert thing went away for a while, but seems to have come back over the last few years. WC slalom skiers would go under 165cm if they were allowed. The wide=expert thing seems to be abating. Outside of Alta/Bird/Jackson where they truly get a lot of snow, the vast majority...
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    When is there too much snow?

    Quivers can be built over time. I still happily use my 2004 Fischer SC's (slalom-lite style ski). The tech has changed the most on the wider skis.
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    Fat Lady Thread 2017

    I was there two years ago for their last week (not weekend). I can understand why they close. Telluride is in the middle of nowhere, but with a great small town literally right at the base. And I mean literally, you can probably walk from much of the town to the lift with your ski boots on...
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    When is there too much snow?

    I have the Q98s, which are the forerunner to the QST 99. Great ski for soft snow for a lighter skier like myself. Terrific value even at full price. Keep the 73s, though. High 90s are just way too wide for typical EC days IMO and start to get clunky for aggressive and/or zipper type bump...
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    Switzerland: The Land of Cool Ski Lifts

    Curious to hear an answer to Kusty's question. I always hear stories about skiing in the Alps being on-piste only unless you have a guide. Horror stories about anything off a groomed run can avalanche. Terrain looks awesome, but I can't see going just for some groomers - though really nice...
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    Plattekill 3/19/17

    Great day! My best day this year outside of a trip to Taos. Sun is really strong this time of year and was already doing some damage, so we'll have to see how long it lasts.
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    Future of Snowmaking

    3.5 million truck drivers are going to do what when automated trucks take over in a decade? And the people/hotels that service them? The part of the article I found interesting was about making snow in the right places at the right time. Certain portions of a trail will always last longer...
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    Sugar Mountain NC: Young Man Jumps from Lift to Avoid Freezing

    Amazing how quickly events can turn. Hard to be more exposed to the elements than being on a lift in the middle of the night.
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    Meanwhile Back at J Hole

    What's more pathetic? 1. He (snowboarder) decided to assault the skier to begin with 2. Skier easily avoided him and pinned him to the ground with skis on 3. Skier lets him go and the snowboarder takes another cheap shot at him 3a. Misses on said cheap shot
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    blow torch

    The Mansfield snow stake seems to indicate a great season. Maybe that's true for Northern VT (Sugurbush had decent coverage on MLK weekend, quality was lacking), but not for the Cats. Certainly not for the Poconos! Catskills I'd call average mostly due to snow making capabilities, Poconos...
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    blow torch

    If you can control your speed on ice bumps, you can master anything. Requires all of the right counter, edge control and release. Nothing better defines how good of a skier you are than ice bumps IMHO. Done right, it's not jarring or unpleasant at all until you mess up a bit. Now, there's...
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    blow torch

    Like Jackson and Snowbird, there are steeps available at every turn. Much different vibe and appearance than those places. Blacks are some of the hardest I've seen - I see things through my 9 y/o eyes. Solid double blacks in the east. Think steep with big irregular bumps. No ice, but can be very...
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    blow torch

    And that really only works for Utah at a reasonable cost. I'm writing from Taos which was a 14 hour all-in trip from NJ. Maybe could have done 12 hours with more optimal timing. Nothing wrong with skiing in Utah, of course.
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    Help me predict conditions this weekend

    Potential for record crowds. Spring conditions.
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    More funding, gondola for Belleayre

    One of the worst business decisions I've ever heard! We'll, it is the government. The current setup is perfect; flat part of the mountain separated for beginners, steeper part for everyone else. Who needs a gondola in the Catskills, let alone Belleayre? The key weakness of the mountain right...
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    Presidents Day Weekend - Catskills? PA?

    Go with the expectations that it will be a zoo and you won't be disappointed. Recent snowfall + near 50 degree temps + President's Day weekend + decent economy = ski resorts dream. The place won't matter. Plattekill probably the best, but you need to be willing to drive the extra 25 minutes...
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    Camelback death

    The posting in the comment section was interesting. I've seen these type of conditions before and it can be really dangerous when the slope of the snow is actually leading you into the woods... I taught skiing at Camelback for years and am now a season pass holder. Hump was a very dangerous...
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    Long time skier who wants to try Snowboarding

    Prepare for pain. A snowboard fall is nothing like a ski fall. In a ski fall, you generally just fall on your side or maybe tumble forward in a bad crash. You probably won't get hurt unless you're unlucky or hit something solid. The snowboard edge, on the other hand, acts like a lever and...
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    Boots packing out?

    Not unusual and it doesn't mean your boots are too big - especially since your description is about a "little" more play. I noticed this after less than 10 days and I assure you my boots aren't too big (actually, the local rental place gave my normal size 11 y/o boots with almost the same...